“Missing Daddy” to appear in BGE13

I just heard this evening that Cleis Press wants to include my story, “Missing Daddy” in Best Gay Erotica 2013. The series is edited by Richard Labonte, and this year’s volume is guest edited by Paul Russell. Labonte originally printed “Missing Daddy” in an anthology he edited, Daddies: Gay Erotic Fiction.

This is the story that I read from most often; the voice is so strong it makes for a good one to read aloud. It features a Daddy reminiscing about when he was a boy dreaming about gay public sex, and being claimed by his first Daddy. Both Daddy and boy are FTMs in the story—a bear and his cub with a sweet and raunchy dynamic, and they are part of a community of trans fags. It features some lovely heavy pain play with canes, describing it from the POV of a submissive who is not a masochist, but takes the pain for Daddy, and it culminates in a classic gay fantasy gangbang initiation scene. I have tremendous affection for it. I’m really glad that it will be reprinted, and in such a widely read anthology series.

Here are what a few folks have said about it, in response to the printing in Daddies:

“Xan West’s wistful “Missing Daddy” is about learning and moving on.” –Richard Labonte, from the Introduction to Daddies

“The moody “Missing Daddy” by Xan West features a Daddy reflecting on an epic gangbang-in-the-park scene given to him by his own Daddy years ago, and relating to his own boys.” —T. R. Moss

“Intense, compelling read.” –Steve Isaak

“A “cub” undergoes an initiation into adulthood in Xan West’s “Missing Daddy,”… for a book so full of canings, rough sex, and bondage, “Daddies” offers a surprising number of moving stories about relationships that find their own lasting perfection: these men adore one another, however gruff the manner in which they might show it.” –Killian Melloy


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