Saying farewell to NYC

giant leapI have been active in the NYC kink scene since 2002, and have learned so much from my time participating in leather community in this amazing city. From the Queer SIG at TES, to the CC4D collective, to organizing programming for Floating World 2010, I have had some amazing experiences in kink communities in this area that I will carry with me always. Thank you to everyone in the NYC area who made an effort to come to kink programming I organized, to see me read my erotica and be there when I taught kink education. I appreciate your presence and contribution more than I can say. As winter fades, I will be returning to California to make my home in the SF Bay Area, a place that I have held dear to my heart for a long time.

I will be teaching one last class in NYC before I move, and it is on a subject that I am passionate about, that hits so close to home for me: stone identity and sexuality. The Lesbian Sex Mafia is an organization that I care deeply about, and feels like the perfect place to present one last time before I leave New York.

Where: The Center, 208 W 13th Street, New York City (room is wheelchair accessible)

When: 8-10pm on Friday, January 18th

What: Stone Sexuality and Kink

Stone is often only seen as an absence, a loss, a problem. This interactive workshop offers an alternative perspective on stone, celebrating the hotness of stone sex and play, discussing the impact of anti-stone prejudice, and ways we all can honor the desires and boundaries of our partners and ourselves.

Who: LSM is a support and information group for all women 18 years of age or older, including transexual and intersexed women who live their daily lives as women and all female-born transgender people who feel they have a connection with and respect for the women’s community.

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In other news, here are a few recent publications that I’m excited about:

• My story “Ready” (“an extraordinary tale of catharsis and redemption that hits you equally in the heart and between the legs.” –Christopher Pierce) has recently been reprinted in Coming Together: With a Twist, edited by Allesia Brio.

• My vampire story, “Willing” (“packed with dark edges, blood and violence” –Kathleen Bradean) was just reprinted in Coming Together: In Vein, edited by Lisabet Sarai.

• “Missing Daddy” (“breathtaking foray into extreme sex”–Paul Russell) will be reprinted next week in Best Gay Erotica 2013 edited by Richard Labonte.

My work has been published in over 20 collections, including: Best Lesbian Erotica 2011 & 2012, Backdraft, Hurts So Good, Best Women’s Erotica 08 & 09, Leathermen, Frenzy, Daddies, Men on the Edge, Cruising for Bad Boys, Pleasure Bound, SexTime: Erotic Stories of Time Travel, Best SM Erotica 2 & 3, I Like to Watch and Say Please: Lesbian BDSM Erotica.

I hope to see you next Friday night at LSM!


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