Queer Daddy erotica stories with characters pushing their edges

On twitter, Andrea Zanin, BD Swain, Sinclair Sexsmith, and I have been discussing Daddy erotica and edgeplay, and fantasizing about a queer erotica salon. As part of that conversation, Andrea Zanin discussed wanting queer Daddy erotica that included psychological edgeplay, where characters push their own edges, push past comfort zones, take risks. I’ve been thinking about this question, looking back at old favorites, and considering what erotica I know that includes this.

One of the first things I’ve been thinking about is how little erotica of any sort includes psychological edgeplay, period (whether it’s a Daddy story or not). It’s one of the things I am invested in writing, so I notice it when I read. I love writing it because it makes for such delicious conflict and complexity, allows for deep character development and transformation, and is at an intensity level that matches my own desires and play life. The stakes are high, and high stakes play is hot. I wish there were more edgeplay stories out there. (But then, I’m an edgeplayer.) I know that there are repercussions to writing this kind of erotica; it limits your markets, gets your work labeled disturbing and violent, and situates you on the margins.

When I looked at the print collections I own (and my collection of print erotica anthologies is rather vast), I saw several themes in Daddy stories.

1. Daddy/boy stories printed in gay collections sometimes feature older man/younger man sex with no overt leather, ageplay or consensual non-consent elements. Classic examples of this are:

  • “Long Lost Brothers” by Ben Harris (Doing it for Daddy)
  • “In His Own Time” by Jamie Freeman,”Men of the Open Road” by Landon Dixon (Hot Daddies)
  • “The Amatuers” by Thom Wolf”, “Night Visit” by Barry Alexander, “Birthday Boy” by Mike Bruno (Daddies)

2.Another subset of Daddy/boy stories (both those featuring cisgender gay characters and also other queer characters) feature leather Daddy/boy dynamics that are not about ageplay or consensual non-consent, but more often about mentoring in leather lifestyle and/or a sweetness and a bit more levity/playfulness to the connection between Dominant and submissive. (I have not seen this often in Daddy/girl stories.) Classic examples of this are:

3. Another common theme in Daddy stories is particularly common in dyke Daddy stories. The Daddy/boy or Daddy/girl dynamic is mostly about language, the shared language of ageplay dynamic, where both parties are delighting in the dynamic, the sense that the language is filthy or taboo. There is no psychological edgeplay where the story illuminates characters pushing past boundaries or comfort zones. Instead, both characters are deeply enthusiastic with little internal struggle being described. Classic examples of this are:

For kicks, here are a few classic straight examplars of this theme, where the dialogue and classic Daddy/girl tropes are what charge the scene:

Those were the most common themes I found. It is no coincidence that I could list fewer of the first, because it is not my cup of tea. That doesn’t mean it’s less common, it just means I don’t recall those stories as well.

Now for an annotated list of queer Daddy erotica with psychological edgeplay. These stories were more difficult to root out. They also were the ones that hit me real hard, because they are more likely to to intertwine with trauma, more likely to be darker, where characters have inner conflict and are vulnerable in their desire. I want to note that in general this kind of Daddy erotica tends to feature consensual non-consent and ageplay, and often references histories of real world child sexual abuse, and generally more likely to reference real world childhood. My annotations are intended partly as trigger warnings.

Here are a few from my current body of work (all of which appear in my collection Show Yourself To Me):

  • “Compersion” (I Like to Watch) is a story about a boy who shows off for Daddy by bottoming to two heavy sadists who push his edges. It’s told from the Daddy’s POV.
  • “It’s My Job” (Hot Daddies) is a Daddy/boy story told from the boy’s POV that saves the edgeplay til near the end, where the Daddy/boy dynamic shifts from service/mentorship oriented (#2) to ageplay (#3) with a focus on consensual non-consent, and Daddy pushing the boy’s edges.
  • “Dancing for Daddy” (Best SM Erotica Vol 2) is a Daddy/girl story told from the girl’s POV, that centers around the Daddy pushing the girl’s edges, and is wholly focused on ageplay and consensual non-consent, and highlights a history of real world child sexual abuse in the bottom.

Here are a few written by others that center around Daddy dynamics with characters pushing their edges:

  • “Pajama Bottoms” by Don Antonio (Kink: Tales of the Sexual Adventurer) where a Daddy punishes his boy, pushing his edges. From the POV of the boy. It centers around ageplay and consensual non-consent.
  • “Play Party” by Doug Harrison (Best SM Erotica) features a cathartic scene at a party where a Daddy pushes a boy’s edges. It is from the POV of the boy, who has flashbacks to his own childhood during the scene, and engages in spiritual struggle with Christianity.
  • I want to mention Robin Sweeney’s “Dress Leather” (Switch Hitters: Lesbians Write Gay Male Erotica and Gay Men Write Lesbian Erotica) here because it is one of the stories that hit home the hardest for me. It is from the POV of Daddy preparing to and then playing with his boy, as he grapples with his grief at losing lovers to AIDS, and the ghosts of his ex lovers swirl around him as they play. It’s gorgeous and I cannot recommend it enough.
  • “Daddy” by Patrick Califia (writing as Pat)  (Melting Point or the newer Blood and Silver which pulls some of my favorites from several collections together) Daddy/girl story from the POV of the girl who is pushing her edges, and companion Daddy/boy story from the POV of the Daddy where the Daddy is pushing the boy’s edges; both center around ageplay and consensual non-consent
  • “Daddy’s Boy Meets Daddy’s Girl” by Patrick Califia (Bi Guys: Firsthand Fiction for Bisexual Men or the new edition Bi Guys: The Deliciousness of His Sex) where Daddy brings his boy and his girl together and pushes them through an ordeal scene. It’s from the POV of the Daddy, and includes play where the Daddy manages the age regression of one of the characters mid-scene. It centers around ageplay and consensual non-consent.
  • “The Edge of Night and Day” by Peggy Munson (Best Lesbian Erotica 03) Daddy/girl story where the Daddy pushes the girl’s edges (especially around fear), from the POV of the girl. Centers around ageplay and consensual non-consent.
  • “The Rock Wall” by Peggy Munson (Sometimes She Lets Me) A poetic Daddy/girl story where the Daddy pushes the girl’s edges, from the POV of the girl. It centers around ageplay and consensual non-consent.
  • “Daddy’s Girl” by Marilyn Jaye Lewis (Tough Girls: Down and Dirty Dyke Erotica) Where a girl meets up with her former babysitter years later and they do quasi consensual Daddy/girl play where the Daddy pushes the girl’s edges. It centers around ageplay and quasi-consensual non-consent, and makes reference to a history of real world child sexual abuse in the top.
  • “Ask Me” by Laura Federico (Doing it for Daddy) Where a Daddy pushes the girls edges. Centers ageplay and consensual non-consent, and highlights a history of real world child sexual abuse in the bottom that includes specific descriptions of that abuse. It flashes back and forth between abuse descriptions and Daddy/girl play descriptions.

ETA (3/28/17):

Hold Me Down by Sara Taylor Woods is a full length erotic romance novel centering a heterosexual Daddy/girl relationship. I mention it here (despite it not being queer) because it doesn’t neatly fit any of the types above, and very much includes a Daddy pushing a girl’s psychological edges. This centers more of a Daddy/brat dynamic, with no age play or direct play with trauma history (though the main character has an emotionally abusive father who is shown in the book). The edge play includes consensual non-consent and resistance play. As a heads up, this story centers a character grappling with (internal and external) anti-kink prejudice. For a taste of the dynamic, here is an excerpt.

8 thoughts on “Queer Daddy erotica stories with characters pushing their edges

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  3. Fantastic round-up! I’ve got some reading to do as there are definitely a few I’ve missed along the way. Thank you for calling my attention to them!!

    Another edgy (at least for me!) Daddy/girl story that I think deserves a nod is “Second Date” by Miel Rose that appears in Overflow: Tales of Butch-Femme Love, Sex, and Desire–an all-time favorite of mine.

    And might I humbly add my own additions to this list?

    “I Always Do” that appears in Serving Him: Sexy Stories of Submission

    “In Her Sights” that appears in Bound for Trouble: BDSM Erotica for Women is slightly more subtle but the Daddy/babygirl dynamic is definitely present for those giving a close read. 🙂

    “Yes, Daddy,” appeared in the first issue of Salacious Magazine but I believe those all sold out long ago and are, sadly, out of print.

    And finally, “Adding and Subtracting the Threes” will appear in the forthcoming Just For Her: Sexy Stories which is due out February of 2015.


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  6. My best friend jade writes a blog that you might want to read. She is in an M/s D/g CNC relationship. Her relationship and personal history hit a lot of the layers you state you want to include in your writing. You may find her a decent source of inspiration for a story. Her blog is called “The Chrysanthemum and The Sword”.

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