Woodhull Sexual Freedom Summit 2013 Call for Proposals

We’re thrilled to open our call for proposals for our fourth annual Sexual Freedom Summit to be held in Washington, DC September 19 – 22, 2013!

Who can submit to present a workshop at the conference? You! We want to hear from all voices who have expertise in advocacy for sexual freedom as a fundamental human right. The political is personal and the personal is political. We invite you to share your work, whether your focus is the white picket fence or the dungeon, LGBT rights or reproductive justice, community organizing or lobbying, social media or sexuality education.

We strongly recommend that you have a draft of your proposal prepared before continuing below to submit your proposal.

Topic Areas

There are a wide variety of topics that fall under the umbrella of sexual freedom as a fundamental human right. Woodhull seeks session proposals that include and reflect the perspectives, needs and priorities of our multi-racial, multi-gender, multi-abled, and multi-aged communities and movement.

We want to hear from you. Some themes to consider are:
◦sexual freedom
◦aging and ageism
◦youth issues
◦anti-violence, including sexual assault and domestic violence
◦sex work
◦disability and access
◦human rights
◦sex and religion
◦LGBTQ rights
◦gender issues, expression, identity, and freedom
◦sexuality education
◦sex, politics, and the law
◦sexual practices
◦nontraditional family and relationship structures
◦racial and economic justice
◦reproductive justice
◦sexual health
◦women’s rights
◦body politics

Please plan for a 70 minute session. We prefer sessions that are highly interactive, but if you are proposing a more traditional panel, you should still allow at least 20 minutes for discussion and take-aways. Our goal is to encourage conversation and connections in our workshops (that means no power point presentations, please.)

Ready to submit your workshop? See below for the proposal form! Remember, we suggest that you keep a master copy “just in case!”

The deadline for proposals is March 30, 2013!

You will be notified of the status of your proposal beginning on or after April 30, 2013.

If you have a workshop proposal question, please contact ricci@woodhullalliance.org.


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