free story-Circlet Advent calendar

Several years ago, I wrote the introduction to a gay sci fi/fantasy erotica collection published by Circlet Press, titled Wired Hard 4: Erotica for a Gay Universe. When reading the stories selected for this collection, I fell hard for one in particular: “Parts”, by Kal Cobalt.

I wrote this about it:

“With science fiction/fantasy erotica, we want to feel stretched and challenged; we want the eroticism and the worldbuilding without sacrificing either—we want the story to blow our minds and our dicks too…When reading is that good, I know I am exactly where I want to be. When erotic reading wraps round my breath as well as my cock, I close my eyes and savor that for a moment, and can feel myself start to tremble. When science fiction/fantasy sends jolts of electricity into me, my lip caught between my teeth, I can feel the shifts begin to happen. When science fiction/fantasy grabs me, it’s because the writer has found a metaphor, a vision, a universe that casts light and shadows through the water of my life and my world, shifts the way I see myself. When it’s good like that, I am what changes.

“Parts” got to me that way. The transformation of Raz and the connection that he created with Monkey, the circuit they create together, where Raz taps into and rides Monkey’s sensations felt like a perfect metaphor to me. It illuminated something I have been thinking and writing about for years—the way that I can connect so intimately with someone I can ride their sensations, from pain to orgasm. Kal Cobalt’s piece showed me a new way of thinking about it, gave me new language to talk about it.”

This story spoke to me as a transgender stone butch, in a deep way. It’s posted on Circlet’s advent calendar, and you can read it for free, right now. I highly recommend it.


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