Last couple days of a big sale

Ebook Deals and Steals from Cleis Press—All $1.99. These three include my work:

Best Women’s Erotica 2009 edited by Violet Blue
Best Gay Erotica 2009 edited by Richard Labonté
Got a Minute? edited by Alison Tyler

At $1.99 it’s worth grabbing at least one of those, hmm?

If you choose Got a Minute? you get two of my shorter pieces. A duet of public cocksucking stories. Both were written around the same time, when I was a genderfluid novice aching to play.

“The Test” was written for a butch top I met on the internet, a fantasy I wrote in response to her ad, saying no novices. I imagined a test that might convince her to try me out, and set the public cocksucking scene in the bathroom of a popular dyke club, because ever since I discovered the wide stall with it’s metal door I wanted to kneel down and submit in it, cock deep in my throat. This piece is full of my newbie femme bottom self, all hungry and begging.

I wrote “Alley Obsession” for my first top, after our first scene, his marks delicious on my neck, making me remember each time I moved my head. It’s full of faggot fantasy, about the kind of queer yearning for faggotry that can exist in genderfluid folks that have been read as dykes for years. I ached for fag public sex, and was filled with uncertainty that I could be the object of gay desire. This piece is a fantasy that plays the edges of that, is about a cocksucker proving himself, knowing that in this alley, there are dozens of willing mouths that could take his place.

These two pieces are filled with yearning as only a novice can bring, and I have great affection for them. There are two days left in the May sale, and at a buck each, I hope you give them a try.

If you are looking for a full length piece, might I recommend “Lucky”, which is printed in Best Women’s Erotica 2009. It’s the story of a high femme submissive getting a long time fantasy fulfilled by her butch dominant. A fantasy gang bang scene, to be exact.

If you want a piece from the point of view of a top, you can try my “Knives”, a poetic and detailed description of one top’s love of blades and what he likes to do with them. Best Gay Erotica series editor Richard Labonte made an executive decision to end the 2009 edition with this story, referring to it as “a particularly potent after dinner mint”.


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