A Snog for Sommer


Here is my snog for Sommer Marsden, fellow erotica writer. Click on the pic above to get links to the other excerpts (from amazing writers like Alison Tyler & Lisabet Sarai!) and for the link to donate to help Sommer’s family as they grapple with pancreatic cancer.

Here’s my kissing excerpt from “How He Likes It”, my story printed in Best Lesbian Erotica 2012.

“He leaned over, and slid his finger along my cheek, sliding it into his mouth and grinding his cock into me as he tasted my tears. Then he lifted up, and pulled Sir’s mouth down to his.

“Taste her tears on my lips,” he said reverently, going still inside me, holding his breath as he waited for Sir to complete the motion and kiss him.

I held my breath too, knowing how much they both needed this, how important it was. I trembled, waiting, trying desperately to be quiet for this moment. Hoping.

When they finally kissed, I was aching to breathe, and couldn’t. It was like a prayer at first, and then filled with hunger, and sadness, and so much love it made my heart burst and my cunt explode, and I couldn’t be quiet anymore.

They began to writhe with me as they kissed more fiercely, cocks shuddering as they came, growling into each other’s mouths. And after we came, we broke into laughter, falling all over each other, sweaty and joyous, limbs all confused and tangled, eyes smiling.”


10 thoughts on “A Snog for Sommer

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  2. Loved reading that, thank you for sharing. And for being part of the hop, just amazed at how you all got together to help another author in need. I’m trying to make my way thru all the stop and will be making a donation as well.

    Snogs for all!


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  4. @KikiDeLovely Thanks so much for your comment; your words really mean a lot. I have a deep respect for you as a fellow queer erotica writer.


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