Queer and Trans Calls For Submission–Fall 2014

(Updated 10/4/14)

These are LGBTQ calls that are not specific to erotica. Erotic content may be welcome. Erotica calls are listed here.

Queer and Trans Calls

Riptide Publishing is looking for romance submissions on the theme of rainbow families (11/1/14)

ConQueer zine is looking for submissions on the theme of Bodies (11/1/14)

Vetch seeks work by trans poets in trans language.  (11/15/14)

Ocho, a journal of queer arts, seeks submissions (submission opens 12/1/14)

Riptide Publishing is looking for erotic romance submissions on the theme of shifters and weres (1/1/15)

Jordan Rice and Nathan Ezekial (Transgress Press) are seeking contributions for a book collection of essays by parents who are trans (1/20/15) (unpaid market)

Connor Krewe (Transgress Press) seeks personal stories by trans men who transitioned later in life (1/31/15) (unpaid market)

Riptide Publishing is looking for romance submissions on the theme of  lesbian romance (3/1/15)

Riptide Publishing is looking for romance submissions on the theme of  shades of the rainbow (3/1/15) (focused on “the colors of the rainbow that aren’t gay and lesbian: bisexual, trans, queer, nonbinary, ace spectrum, etc”)

Homeward Bound (a zine) is looking for queer submissions on the theme of home (no deadline listed, likely unpaid)

Black Girl Dangerous seeks original, never-before-published articles, essays, short stories, videos, and other forms of media that are personal and intersectional, spanning a wide range of topics, from politics and activism to wellness and community. (No deadline listed. Note: Black Girl Dangerous only publishes work by queer and/or transgender writers of color. We also seek to highlight work from writers who are especially underrepresented in online media, including trans women, UndocuQueer women, and sex workers. )

List of Literary Journals for LGBTQ Writers, Women, and Writers of Color

Calls that are not explicitly queer or trans but may be of interest to queer and trans writers:

So to Speak: A Feminist Journal of Literature and Art seeks fiction, creative nonfiction, poetry, and visual art from both emerging and established writers and artists. (10/15/14)

Non-profit organization Expat Women of Color are looking for first person true stories for a forthcoming anthology called Women of Color Living Abroad. (10/20/14)

Margin Calls is accepting submissions for its Anthology Volume: Taboo Tales: Writing Off The Limits (10/30/14)

Co-Editors L. Andrew Cooper and Pamela Turner (BlackWyrm Publishing) are reviewing dark fiction short stories devoted to imaginative worlds inspired by movies for an anthology called Reel Dark: Twisted Fantasies Projected on the Flickering Page. (11/1/14)

Shannon Delaney (Leap Books) is looking for YA Alice in Wonderland inspired stories (11/15/14)

Lydia Brown (Autism Women’s Network) is seeking submissions for an anthology on autism and race, a collection of things written by autistic people of color talking about their lives, experiences, ideas, work, or other stories. (11/15/14)

She Walks in Shadows, an all-women Lovecraft anthology is looking for submissions (reading period 11/15-14-12/15/14)

Accessing the Future is looking for speculative fiction that centers disabled folks from an intersectional perspective. (11/30/14)

Rosarium Publishing is looking for stories and critical essays that relate in some way to the strength and beauty of Samuel R. Delany’s body of work for their anthology in progress, Stories for Chip: A Tribute to Samuel R. Delany. (12/1/14)

The Carribean Writer is looking for submissions on the theme of contradictions and ambiguities in the Caribbean space. (12/30/14)

Cactus Heart seeks beautifully written fantasy, science fiction, steampunk, and reimagined fairy tales for a speculative focused issue (fiction, poetry, nonfiction sought). (1/10/15)

Lynne Jamneck (Dark Regions Press) is seeking dark fiction (diverse stories and viewpoints that embrace the axioms and motifs of Lovecraftian fiction, including the strange, the weird, and the eccentric) by women writers for an anthology called Dreams from the Witch House. (1/31/15)

Riptide Publishing is looking for romance submissions on the theme of  punk romance (3/1/15)

Cactus Heart seeks new and original poetry, fiction, nonfiction, & art/photography that is sharp, relentless, coursing with energy and able to thrive in the harshest of places, all while maintaining a vulnerable, succulent interior. (rolling deadline)

The Gambler is seeking exciting new works of fiction, nonfiction, poetry, and experimental writing. (rolling deadline, submissions accepted from 1st-21st of each month)

Lakeside Circus seeks spec fic submissions, including essays about spec fic (no deadline listed)

Blackberry Magazine seeks work by black women writers & artists (rolling deadline)

Strange Horizons seeks spec fic , art, & poetry, and loves “diverse perspectives and traditionally under-represented groups, settings, and cultures, written from a non-exoticizing and well-researched position”

Speculative Fiction 2014 is looking for nonfiction reviews, essays, and criticism with speculative fiction at their core.

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