A Tease from Shocking Violet

My #NaNoWriMo WIP is tentatively titled Shocking Violet, and I am really enjoying the long form of it, the time to sink into flirtation and attraction. That’s new for me. My smut tends towards starting en media res, or getting right down to the action pretty quick. It often features characters that are already in relationship, or folks doing pick-up play. Much of it begins as a scene begins, or has a few intro paragraphs and jumps right in. This gets to be different, has to be. I get to delight in the longer tease, before I deliver. (I am going to deliver, trust me on that.) But the longer tease is a pleasure in and of itself. (And it mimics the tease and orgasm control that will be a central part of the play between Jax and Violet.)

One of the centers of the novel is the way Jax and Violet build the trust and access intimacy that they need in order to do the kind of D/s they both desire. That is a slower process. These two are new to each other, and on the slower side when building trust (both trauma survivors and stone as well, both burned by past D/s relationships). Plus, access intimacy takes some time and energy to create, especially with folks that are guarded, however much they work at being open with each other. So, the slow build is needed. The heat between them is there smoldering right under the surface, and it bursts through frequently. I’m hoping that the reader will enjoy the tease of the long build toward their play as much as I’m enjoying writing it.

And here is a tease for you, a moment when the smolder bursts through and you see the kind of butch/femme flirtation that is central to their attraction for each other. You also get a sense of the context for this novel; these are two disabled Jewish queer activists getting together amidst the intensity of trans inclusion activism.

For those wanting to follow along, a synopsis is here. The Pinterest inspiration board (full of images that I’m using to inspire moments in the novel) is here. The first taste I offered–centering Jax’s attraction to Violet–is here. And here is the second taste, which gives you a moment from their first date, where Violet touches her own submission for the first time in a very long time. Find other excerpts and related links here.

This tease of an excerpt shows Violet being tart and ferocious in a way I personally enjoy very much. I may have a crush on her myself, right along with Jax.

“I heard you were doing some activism at LAP.”

“Oh? You heard about that? How? I’ve never seen you at a meeting or a party before.”

Her words came fast and biting. “You’ve never seen me at a meeting before because I’d heard LAP was real fucked up about transmisogyny. And any sex space that has such blatant institutionalized transmisogyny is no place for a femme like me to play. I’ve got enough damn problems with all the under-the-surface bullshit at FULL without inviting that shit into my sex life.”

Jax grinned. Damn, she sure was something, the way she snapped back at him. She had a steel core, this one, and it was such a relief to see it showing. After Dinah, he needed a submissive with teeth and claws, one who stood on her own fucking feet, demanded that her needs be honored, and kept her desire to please to very restricted areas. Violet had the ferocity he wanted.

“Ok. What’s behind that grin, hmm?”

“I was just thinking that I’m very glad to be out with a femme like you.”

“What is that, some disguised ‘you’re sexy when you’re angry baby’ misogynist bullshit?” She spit the words out, all full of fire.

Jax thought before he spoke. When he did, he met her gaze, speaking carefully to that anger. He wanted to show he could sit with it, that he respected it.

“That wasn’t my intent. I should have been more careful how I phrased it.”

“Uh huh,” she said, holding him in her gaze, not letting him off the spot.

“What I meant was, I’m glad to meet a potential ally around transmisogyny. They’re hard to come by at LAP. And that a femme who recognizes that transmisogyny is her battle is my kind of femme, because she has the kind of critical analysis of cissexism and misogyny that is vital to my own liberation.”

She nodded once, accepting that answer.

“However, I will say that seeing you speak so passionately about politics and so ferociously on your own behalf does make you attractive to me. Not in a patronizing dismissing misogynist kind of way. But in a damn she’s a fucking powerhouse kind of way.”

She softened and gave him a small grin.

“I do find you very attractive, Violet.”

“I know,” she said tartly. “I felt your eyes on me all through Roz’s demo.”

“You did, hmm?”

“For sure.”

“Does that mean you did that long stretch at the end of the demo just for me?”

“Fuck, no. I did that for me. My body needed that.”

Jax grinned.

“But, I might have put in a little extra oomph because I knew you were watching.”

“I see. I most definitely was watching.”

“Good,” she said, sniffing, full of playful sharpness. “I’d hate to put in that kind of effort for nothing.” She arched her brow at him, and did a little shimmy. Jax chuckled. Damn she was hot. And she was in her zone now. Good. He liked her there.

“Care to do that again? I promise to watch closely.”

She laughed. “So you want a free show, hmm? Well let me do it right, then.” And she slowly peeled off her high-necked black cat sweater. Jax stilled, stopped breathing. A couple of thick straps held up a gorgeous neckline. He could see her bare throat, and her arms. All that skin and ink. And her cleavage…damn. Fuck if she didn’t shimmy again for him, all tease and arched back, a wicked grin on her face.

“Don’t forget to breathe, honey,” she drawled.

She was right. He wasn’t fucking breathing. He licked dry lips and tipped his glass to her before taking a swallow of cool water.

“Oh yes, you are my kind of femme,” he breathed.

She shook that shock of violet hair at him and winked, holding his gaze.

“Oh, am I then? Good to know.”

“Fuck yes you are, sugar. You grabbed my attention when you took down that glorious hair of yours and I saw that rush of purple. The rest of the room disappeared.”

She ran her hands through it. “It’s called Shocking Violet,” she said.


“Shocking Violet. That’s the name of the color. I couldn’t resist the color named after me, could I?”

“No, of course you couldn’t.”

“Especially since I’m known—as a top—for my love of the violet wand. It’s like the color was made just for me, in a fabulous over the top kind of way.” She grinned wickedly at him.

“Could I, do you think?” he asked, teasing.

“Could you what?”

“Could I shock you, Violet?” He watched her still, and her eyes darken. “Would you like it if I did?”

“You already have,” she said simply, her calm eyes holding his.

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