hit by a car for new years

Was hit by a car last night crossing the street in a crosswalk, It was a crosswalk at the entrance to a freeway, and does not have a light. I generally use another one that does have a light but still feels pretty scary, but it was blocked off by an accident so I used this one instead. Hit and run. Good samaritan stopped, blocked traffic, called 911, covered me with blanket. ER did a butch of scans, and I don’t have any spinal injuries, bones are ok. I am in a fuckton of pain all over, and the leg that got hit is royally fucked, can’t walk on it because the muscles are not up to it, can’t really bend it or rest weight on it, and it hurts so damn much. Am barely hobbling around with a walker, and every step hurts. I may have a scar on my forehead from the road, but no signs of concussion despite hitting my head. Doc says I stay home for next few days, and it should start improving. Get to wear fancy bandage on my head for next couple weeks.

ETA: Got a call from the radiologist this morning, and it turns out that I have a fracture in my knee. They asked me to come back to the ER. I’m adding this from the ER now, will update when I know more.


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