Two weeks after hit and run: where I’m at

As you may know, I got hit by a car a little more than two weeks ago, as I was crossing the street while walking home. It was a hit and run, and I was lucky enough to have a Good Samaritan block off the road and call an ambulance. They did a bunch of scans at the hospital and then sent me home, saying that I had no broken bones, even though I couldn’t use my left leg. The next morning, New Years Eve to be exact, I got a call from the radiologist saying they had found a fracture in my knee cap and could I come in. I returned to the ER, and came home many hours later with an immobilizing brace and instructions to not put any weight on the leg, and a promise of likely surgery the next week. I went in for surgery last week, and now have a plate in my knee and a fancy incision scar that is even more dramatic than the Harry Potter type scar I now have on my forehead from where it hit the pavement. I stayed in the hospital for a couple nights and returned home a week ago. I still am non weight bearing for 8 weeks post-surgery, which means til early March. I’m getting home PT, doing pain management, trying to get a lot of rest, and hobbling around on crutches.

I am exhausted, emotionally and physically, from this experience. The hospital stay was one of the worst things I’ve ever been through (and I’ve experienced some pretty hard shit in my life), and I’m still reeling from that experience alone. It’s hard for me to read and write, because my glasses broke when I was hit, and I am using ones that are a few years old; the prescription is not up to date, and they give me a headache. So, I am not engaging with social media at the same level or responding to emails very promptly. I’m definitely not in a space to write, not fiction, not erotica, not personal essay, and especially not yet about this experience though I do feel like I will do that at some point.

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