Week 3 after hit and run

This week can be summarized by the following:

  • I got outside on two different days to do not at all exciting and yet completely necessary things that I needed to do myself. It was hard and exhausting and important and generally successful and did I mention exhausting?
  • I almost fell twice. On the same evening. It was bad. I put weight on the leg that I’m not supposed to and freaked myself out about that.
  • I went to the doctor, he said I’m doing really well. Xrays look good, incision looks good. Non-weight bearing til beginning of March, then partial weight-bearing. So near falls did not hurt anything, which is a big relief.
  • PT hurts hurts hurts and completely wipes me out. Got a whole set of new exercises today which I guess means I’m making progress.
  • Nurse came and completely failed to draw blood. Two attempts to draw from my hand (one extremely lengthy) and nada.
  • There was a different, terrible home health nurse as a result of failed blood draw. Worse than any of the terrible practitioners I’ve had recently, or maybe ever. Terrible in so many ways, among which were: bumping my injured leg, not listening, berating me for everything in a way that gave the basic impression that I was doing everything very very WRONG, taking blood from an inappropriate and dangerous place, and reciting a lengthy Christian prayer before attempting to draw blood. Her supervisor assures me that she will not be coming back.
  • There was an OT who started off bad (laughing after being corrected about my pronoun) but had a lot of useful information and advice and recovered pretty well from the early fuck up.
  • There was a social worker that called to make appointment for next week who asked if I prefer to be referred to as a Mr or a Miss. Given all the pronoun fuckups that have occurred since the beginning of this experience, I felt grateful for the question despite its phrasing.
  • There was a mix up with my insurance that I did not discover til I went to the doc; they thought my coverage stopped at the end of 2014. My boss says it is fixed now.
  • Parts of this are very hard. I don’t want to write about them, but it seems important to acknowledge that reality.
  • I’m not getting enough sleep, and have not been able to nap. That royally sucks and makes everything harder.
  • I have not been in my apartment for more than brief moments since 2015 began. This week I have taken some steps toward making my apartment accessible for my current disabilties, and it is starting to seem more possible that I could be there again. I can’t quite imagine being back in my own space.

2 thoughts on “Week 3 after hit and run

  1. That is so much to deal with! But it does sound like you’re making progress. I hope you get back into your own space soon. That can be such a great comfort in itself.


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