3 items for 3 months post surgery

  1. I have been partial weight bearing for a month and am about to transition to full weight bearing. So now I can stand on both feet and soon I’m going to be walking on both legs and transitioning away from using crutches. My xrays look great, my range of motion looks great and doctor says that things look as good as they possibly can.
  2. I returned to work last week. I was really anxious about it, but it turned out pretty ok. Folks are glad to have me back and I didn’t have to talk endlessly about getting hit by a car. But wow is it exhausting. Plus it’s just a big transition to a busy office with so much client contact after basically being alone in my apartment for three months. Especially for an introvert. And I am in quite a bit of pain and pretty swollen by the end of the day.
  3. Using paratransit is the hardest part of going back to work. It’s an exercise in being out of control. It’s difficult to get a pickup window that works for me. Even if I get one, they are sometimes very late; my boss waited with me til 5:45 on Friday. I’m generally alone on the bus and in that way it’s very different from public transit; I’ve never had so many conversations with bus drivers before. It also means that I’m in a different position with regards to control over my experience; I can only get off the bus at my stop. So when a driver has intense road rage tantrums, I can’t get off the bus. They often play loud music or sometimes motivational recordings and I have no control over whether I listen to it or not. It’s a stressful way to begin and end the day, much more so than public transit ever was.

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