Happy Birthday to Me

I turn 41 tomorrow. If you want to help me celebrate my birthday, I sure would appreciate the following birthday present: donate to one of these great crowdfunding campaigns or organizations doing work I care about.

  • The Sex Positive Education and Event Center in Portland
  • MyTransHealth (a healthcare website for trans folks)
  • Trans Lifeline (a crisis and suicide hotline for trans folks)
  • The Audre Lorde Project (a NYC based Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Two Spirit, Trans and Gender Non-Conforming People of Color community organizing center)
  • CUAV (my local agency supporting LGBTQ survivors of violence)
  • TGI Justice Project (a group of transgender people—inside and outside of prison—creating a united family in the struggle for survival and freedom)
  • NOLOSE (a queer fat activist organization)
  • Doing It Online (an ongoing erotic documentary series focusing on the issues and concerns affecting trans women, our partners, and our communities)
  • Black Girl Dangerous (a grassroots arts and media project that helps amplify the voices of queer and trans* people of color)



One thought on “Happy Birthday to Me

  1. yay, thanks for sharing this! hope you have a sweet birthday. glad you’re here, and that you’re inviting folks to support these projects!


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