Reading this Saturday at Liminal

I am excited to be reading this Saturday at Liminal’s Fourth Feminist Showcase.

Who: I will be reading alongside these lovely folks:

What: Liminal’s 4th feminist showcase, on the THEME: I wear the glasses in this relationship! Suggested donations of $10 at the door or in advance, but no one is turned away for lack of funds. Get advance tickets here. Facebook event here.

When: Saturday 8/15/15 . Doors open at 6pm, reading starts at 7pm.

Where: Liminal, a feminist writing space, located at 3037 38th Avenue, Oakland, CA.

I will be reading from my novel in progress, Shocking Violet. It’s a kinky polyamorous butch/femme romance novel that centers two disabled Jewish queers and their networks of relationships, set in NYC amidst the intensity of trans inclusion activism. Unlike my usual readings, this one will not contain explicit content, but focuses on the first date between Violet and Jax, and how they navigate the spark of D/s between them.

Here is a small taste of the excerpt I will be reading from this weekend. Learn more about Shocking Violet and find more excerpts here.

The appetizers arrived and gave her something to do with her hands. She concentrated on stirring the cold noodles with these awesome tongs they gave her, then looked up at him, asking with her eyes if she could serve him some.

“I’d like a small portion,” he said, his voice a bit hoarse. It made her shiver, that and the intensity of his eyes as he said it, as if he was taking a risk.


It felt like the world contracted a bit, and she was holding her breath. She’d just gone there without even deciding to, as if her whole self had yearned toward him and reached without thought, just reached. She hadn’t let herself go there in so damn long. She’d been sure it would be hard (and it probably would be), but in this moment, it had this rightness to it and all she felt was the desire. Whoa.

Violet forced herself to breathe, and just let it all out in her smile as she bent over the little plate, making sure she had the right portion, that there were cucumbers on the plate, that it looked pleasing to the eye. Just let herself sink into this small pleasure as a gift for herself. It was ok to let it out just a bit. It was ok. She’d forgotten the way colors seemed brighter when she did this, the way calm sat in her heart. Oh my. This butch was dangerous.

Her hands were trembling just a bit as she placed the plate in front of him. She pulled them back quickly and put them in her lap, sliding the fidget from her purse to give her hands something to do as she pulled herself inward, found her core again. She took three long breaths, and put the fidget away, her hand sliding under the collar of her sweater and caressing the back of her neck as she silently recited the words written there. When she was ready, she looked up at him, and found his eyes gentle, waiting.

“A beautiful plate. Thank you Violet.”

She could feel her eyes swimming. Damnit. It was like he knew it was a big deal, and he was ok with holding that. That it was a big deal for him too. Oh fuck.

I hope that you will come out to Liminal this Saturday!


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