Anal August Erotica Excerpts

In honor of Anal August, here are a few excerpts of anal sex from my upcoming queer kinky erotica collection, Show Yourself To Me, out soon from Go Deeper Press. I am so excited about this book!

Here is an excerpt from my story “Missing Daddy”, which culminates in a gang bang scene in the park, orchestrated by a loving leather Daddy. As a heads up, it includes references to Daddy dynamics and orgasm control.

“Who wants a piece of my boy’s ass? His mouth and cock are for me alone, but if you play nice, you can fuck his hole.”

I could hear the leaves rustle as the men moved in. How many? I heard voices murmuring as I writhed on Daddy’s fingers, but I couldn’t quite pick out the words. He slid his fingers out and leaned over me, his voice low in my ear.

“Don’t you dare come, boy. Not until my dick is in your ass.”

Daddy stood up and chose someone, handed him a condom, and stood with his hand on my neck. I heard a zipper, and then a condom wrapper was opened. There was a slight pause. I tensed up. I couldn’t help it. Then his dick was spearing me. He worked it in to the base and, oh, was it long. The wormy feeling in my gut pulsed as I tried to take it in. I whimpered.

“That’s my good boy,” Daddy said, gently stroking my neck.

The man in my ass started to move. Oh fuck, my dick began to throb as his thighs rubbed against the welts from the cane. He was working his hips in wide circles, and it felt like he was deep in my gut, stirring me in long sticky strokes. I ground my hips down into the rock and soon was moaning behind the gag. I worked with him, wanting his come, loving his dick with sharp squeezes of my muscles, clamping down on him, wanting him to spurt.

He did, in three long thrusts, and he was gone too quickly. Daddy chose another, lamenting the need for latex, wanting my ass to be full of other men’s come when he would finally fuck it.

The next man was inside me immediately. His dick was shorter, and my ass felt the loss. But he made up for it in rhythm, working me hard, in fast thrusts that smarted as they hit the marks from the cane, until I was breathless, shaking, gripping the rock with all I had. Then I heard Daddy say, “Stop.” The man pulled out. Daddy’s voice was fierce as he reminded me not to come. He motioned the man back to my ass, but I was scared. I didn’t want to be fucked so well. All I wanted was my Daddy inside me. All I wanted was to please Daddy.

The circle of men around me got louder. I could pick out phrases. “Woof!” “Look at that nasty cub.” “Want a piece of that hole.” “Damn, he can move his hips.” “Fuck that sweet ass.”

I worked my hips harder, frantically wanting the man’s release, wanting him gone from my ass. I could feel Daddy’s hand on my hair, stroking. He leaned down to whisper, “Be a good boy for me. That’s it. Take his cock. Milk it for me.”

Here is an excerpt from “How He Likes It”, describing anal play as the beginning to a long scene between a high femme submissive girl, and two Dominant trans men, one of whom is her Dominant, the other one his former mentor. As a heads up, it includes references to D/s, orgasm control, objectification and pain play.

After dinner, there were cigars on the balcony, and me holding the ashtray on my now bare chest, my back to the world, their voices winding with the smoke around me, wrapping around my bare skin, sliding between my thighs. I could tell that Sir was pleased with me, by the way he absently rested his boot on my thigh, knew that he was happy to sit here with Dexter, catching up and showing me off. Every time Dexter chuckled, my clit would pulse, my ass would clench around the plug, and my lips would part with a sigh.

I was aching already and they had barely acknowledged me. How would I survive the full attention of them both?

Sir turned to Dexter with a sly smile and said, “Shall I prepare Jamie for you?”

Dexter nodded and took the ashtray from my chest.

My heart started racing. Sir walked ahead of me, giving the hand signal to crawl, and so I did, Dexter’s eyes on my ass as I left the balcony.

I approached Sir slowly, with that catlike crawl he loved so much. He was seated on the bed, and as my eyes met his, a shock jumped between us. He reached down, pulling me by my hair and bending me over his lap. It felt so good to be there, his hands all over my skin, my head hanging over the side of the bed.

Then I felt it. That squirmy twisting as he pulled the plug out. I am never prepared for it, but when it comes as a surprise, it grabs on to the center of my chest and squeezes, bringing a tinge of nausea with it. My hands grabbed for the bed as he slowly slid a new plug into my ass, cold with lube. (I knew it instantly: it was the Tristan anniversary edition plug, the one I drooled over in the store, the one he got me for my birthday.) It was so intense when it first went in, I literally couldn’t breathe for a moment. My eyes were closed, my head ringing, and then I let my breath out. Sir tapped on it, and I shuddered, whimpering.

It was a shift to go from the expectation of silence to the expectation that I would show him my need. I was often tentative at first, finding my voice and movement. He pressed me down onto him so I could feel his cock against my belly, and my ass clenched in response. It was so full, my hand kept fisting the blanket. Then the baton hit my ass, driving sound from me, garnering me praise.

I held on tight, knowing it would last a long time, each stroke reverberating into the plug, slamming sounds out of me. It felt like a pounding relentless fuck, getting hit with that baton, hard and ramming, and it made me grind my cunt onto him and moan. I forgot everything but that I was on Sir’s lap, my ass stuffed full, getting pummeled by his baton. The room disappeared, contracted to my need, which had been building all day. I began to beg, pleading with him to let me come for him, describing how much I needed it.

He told me I had to wait.

Both of those were from the bottom’s point of view, so here is one from the top’s, a snippet of “Facing the Dark”, a wild ride of a cathartic edge play scene that culminates in some rather sweet anal sex. As a heads up, it includes references to breath play, energy play and pain play.

“I want to be inside you, right now. I want to feel you take me in.”

I gently pushed him onto his back, put his legs around me, and slid a condom onto my cock, lubing it up. I groaned as I slid into him, watching his eyes. His ass was so warm and tight. He was fire sliding along my cock as I held myself there, deep inside him, just savoring the feel of him around my dick.

“You feel so hot and tight around my cock. You are pulsing around me. Take a deep breath for me. That’s it. And another one. Yeah. Just one more and hold it. Clench down your pelvic muscles for me, just hold on tight. Hold that breath for me. Don’t let go.”

I began to pulse my cock into him, letting everything I was feeling drive its way into him through my cock. As if it were the pathway for all of me and I was going to pour it into his ass, thrust my way into him and through him and up out his mouth.

“Yes, keep holding it for me. That’s good.”

His eyes were gigantic, and his ass felt so good clamped on my dick. I drove my nails into his thighs, right at that lovely pressure point at the center of the thigh where it meets the torso.

“Let it out.”

He exploded around my dick, cream pouring out of his cock, roars emerging from his mouth. That’s when I began to fuck him. Hard and deep, thrusting into him with all my strength, as I continued to pulse pain into his thighs.

“I am going to fuck you until I’m sated. Right now, I’m way too hungry to stop.”

I rammed into him, savoring the feel of his ass gripping me, the tremors rippling through his body. He felt so sweet, open for the taking. I slammed my cock into his ass and thought about how he was mine. That, in these moments, he was mine, and I was going to use every inch of him. I growled, reaching out for his mouth, thrusting my fingers into it, taking him. I wanted all his holes at once, wanted to be as deep inside him as I could be, claiming him. I fucked his mouth, ramming my dick into his ass, feeling so powerful. As if I could do anything.

One of the things these excerpts illustrate is that anal sex can be as varied as any other kind of sex, in emotion, in meaning, in context, in dynamic. I talk about this in my tips for writing anal sex post.

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    • So glad that you found it inspiring, and timely for your writing process.

      I’m not on ERWA parlor, so can’t see the praise. It’s nice to hear about.


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