Review Roundup for Show Yourself To Me

“Xan is willing to destroy the fantasy to talk about something much hotter; real life..” Heather Elizabeth

“As I read these pages, my heart pounds. I can hear my veins pumping, pumping, pumping in my ears. I’m at the brink, the exterior contour of my desire, my limit, so to speak, at every turn of the page. I’m taken and return to that delicious instant when tears spring to my eyes from a hand on my ass, when I switch from grounded presence to floaty headspace. That moment which is my favorite moment. Eyes washed slightly. My safeword gulped down the back of my throat and then it blooms in my stomach. Kind of like the nervous agitation one gets the instant they take drugs. You know you are about to shoot into space. It’s happening, it’s happening, it’s happening. This is how I feel when I read Show Yourself to Me.” Peep Scoop

“What Xan West has given us—or, more specifically, has given me—is a work of art that allows me to not feel alone or ashamed. Xan has given me reasons to lift my head and own my desires. Xan has made me brave.” Jacob Louder

“There are characters in this book that look like me, that I can recognize. POC who are full of need and desire, who want to be seen, and who are unashamed. They push for what they want, they speak to what they want even if that means putting all of themselves on the line. (And aptly so. How else could you Show Yourself to another when holding back?)…The 24 stories in this book will split you open and show off those parts of you that perhaps, until now, you weren’t able or willing to recognize.” KA Smith

“Nothing could have prepared me for this book, because it is so damn good. West’s characters are gritty and empowered – they fill up the page, and feel real on a visceral level.” Sugarcunt

“Essentially, this collection of stories is the very sexy embodiment of trauma-informed, kink-positive sex ed, which is not surprising since Xan West’s alter ego is Corey Alexander, a sex educator and writer whose work is one of the only places to find practical information and advice when you’re a disabled or crazy pervert. I imagine that for many, Show Yourself To Me is one of the only erotic spaces that does in fact show us ourselves: closer to wholeness and reality than ever.” Hermia Swann

“My standard bearer for how to do kinky erotica right has been Macho Sluts by Patrick Califia.  Show Yourself To Me gets to sit right next that classic on my ‘must haves’ list…I especially appreciate the natural and authentic way gender is treated and how the characters are revealed physically.  No neon signs pointing to the trans character or over-emphasizing the physical bits being sexed up.  The author treats sex, variations of gender, body parts, abilities and desires respectfully and matter-of-factly – which is still rare enough in erotica that it’s a refreshing surprise.” Kyle Cameron Jones

“Xan writes explicitly, intentionally, and beautifully about Black and Brown characters, the complexities of the intersections of race and BDSM, characters with various disabilities, the challenges faced by disabled folks who play hard, trans and genderqueer and gender non-conforming characters, fat characters, survivors, and so many others that are often just thrown into erotica for “diversity’s sake” or as an after-thought (or, more commonly, not thrown in at all). All of this in a genre that all too often whitewashes, glosses over (or, more often, fails to address) political implications of race, size, gender, disability, triggers, etc. Xan does all of this (and much more!) and still manages to keep it hot and dirty. Smut based in good politics. Nothing gets me wetter.” Kiki DeLovely

“I’m the first to admit that I’m attracted to emotional catharsis and difficult works, and I would be lying if I said that this is the sort of collection you fly through and put down unchanged. For all the intense vulnerability and humanity in these pages, these stories  are raw, filthy, violent and fucking sexy. It is, quite literally, the whole package as far as the human experience goes. If you are interested in deeply considered, politically aware erotica that is as edgy as it gets, I can’t recommend Show Yourself to Me enough.” Malin James

“My absolute favorite fiction experience in the last few years is Show Yourself to Me by Xan West. God. This collection decimated me and rebuilt me simultaneously. Absolutely amazing.” Kris Ripper

“In short, I think you should read this book. It is probably like nothing you’ve ever read and it will probably leave you reeling, flustered, a little turned on and maybe a little perplexed. If it does those things, then that’s good, I think that means it’s working.” Benji Bright

“Show Yourself to Me is one consuming book to be reckoned with. It grabs you by the collar and keeps you forcibly in place. It is rough, dirty, unpredictable and unpretentious. Mostly, it’s just really real. Xan includes characters that have complex relationships to topping. There are characters that are fat, characters with diabetes, and characters that have to consider their mobility when choosing sex scenes. Xan’s writing defies the gender binary, resists predictable tropes and challenges the reader to reconsider everything they thought they knew about queer kink. Basically, Show Yourself to Me gave me everything I’ve been looking for in erotic stories and then some.” Kaleigh Trace

“I can honestly say that I’ve never read an erotica collection like this before. To me, this book is to other pieces of BDSM erotica as the full, messy, grown-up experience of BDSM play and practice is to the overblown kinky erotica fairytales I read at thirteen in the early days of the Internet, about ravishment as romance and mysterious silent doms who could somehow know everything about their submissives without asking and effortlessly make them fly. This is the most I’ve seen the scene I’m actually familiar with portrayed in my porn, and I couldn’t look away.” Queer and Now

“By far the biggest kink in this book is vulnerability.  Everyone’s – not just the bottoms and submissives, but the tops and dominants too.  This is a collection of stories about being lucky enough to get what you want, and just how intense and scary and wonderful that can be.” Erinkyan

“If I had to review each of these twenty-four stories separately, I’d probably have an entire thesis by the end of it. A thesis which would most likely be titled When I Grow Up, I Want to Write Like Xan West.” –Jillian Boyd

“That is perhaps one of the primary messages in this book. Kinky sexual activities abound in Show Yourself to Me: ass-fucking, cock-sucking, fisting, piss play, knife play, breath play, fire play, floggings, canings, pretty much any extreme you might imagine. Still the author is very clear—physical sex is not the point. These stories aren’t just wildly transgressive fuck-fests (not just…). They’re parables about admitting who you are, owning your desires even when they’re socially unacceptable, searching for partners whom you can trust enough to show your true self—dark as that might be—and who will be equally open in return. The release that comes from that sort of connection (which might just as easily be found in an anonymous alley fuck as in a committed relationship) goes far beyond pleasure.” Lisabet Sarai

“As an educator and coach, it’s valuable to me to have a list of titles to suggest and I’m always overjoyed when a new book comes out that will fill a much needed gap on my shelf. And oh, does this book ever fill some gaps. The range of characters represented in Show Yourself To Me is impressively inclusive. Many readers who don’t usually find themselves represented in the pages of erotica will find a character to resonate with here.” Stella Harris

“I love Xan’s writing for how devoted it is to the internal life of the main character. These are not surface stories about a hot scenario. Each story eviscerates a specific desire. Laid bare is the dirty secret buried within someone wanting to use or be used, to bruise or be bruised. We get to dig our fingers into the soil and feel the roots of desire. Sometimes the want is our own, but what I love most is being sucked into a burning need that is wholly foreign to me. That’s when Xan’s writing is a gift, when I suddenly want what I’ve never wanted before and I feel a door open deep inside me.” BD Swain

“West’s writing is raw, poetic, and brave, and these stories deserve to be told in all their complexity.” –Dario Dalla Lasta

“I’m only recently reading pro published erotica, and this new collection is just what I’ve been looking for. I want queer and kinky erotica that acknowledges genderqueer and non-binary identity and experience, and let me tell you, the field for this sort of writing, especially done well, is not large…For me, seeing my identity represented in satisfying and lived-in relationship situations and embracing sexuality, seeing hot scenes that range in tone from sweet to fun to vindictive to ordeal, makes this a strong read, makes all the difference.” Gretchen (on Goodreads)

“Xan’s words are beautiful, poignant, true and titillating.” Ashley Young

“There is a strong metallic taste pouring into these pages from tears. We are reminded life is not neat, things get messy, and Xan turns the wet messy and often ugly pain here into something beautiful.” Submission and the City

“There are so many things I like about it—the smart gender dynamics, the inclusion of so many different types of people and identities, the complex D/s, the intersection of healing/trauma and erotics/desire, the beautiful turns of phrase. I love how Xan shows vulnerable and fallible dominants who are still badass, strong, commanding. Highly recommend this collection to anyone who like gritty, real erotic stories. It won’t disappoint.” Sinclair Sexsmith (on Goodreads)

“Making inclusive erotica that’s also queer, kinky, and still sexy? If this is your idea of paradise, Xan West has written it, and it’s called Show Yourself to Me.” Cassandra Perry

“I absolutely LOVED this book. It was great. This was one of those books that I simultaneously didn’t want to finish because I wanted to savour it but wanted to finish because I wanted to read the rest of the stories.” Blow Pop

“I don’t read erotica, but I’m going to recommend this to my friends who do. It’s very well-written, and I think my friends who are interested in penises will be very pleased by the penis-touching scenes in this book.” Kayla Bashe (on Goodreads) 

I like my stories from steamy to extreme and these were definitely high on the extreme scale. Many of the stories involved serious dominance/submission including blood play, boot worship, and very rough hitting/belting/caning. I really liked reading the more intense stories as the more “acceptable” books that appeal to romance lovers only have some spanking as BDSM play and don’t get into this deeper side…[If you] like your BDSM really rough, hard and messy you will enjoy this collection.” Alyssa (on Amazon)

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