Want to read my work for free?

Many of my stories have excerpts posted online. You can find those by story on this page, which lists all my publications, by story.

I also have posted a number of excerpts from my novel Shocking Violet, which is my current major WIP.

But if you want to read an entire story, I now have several available free online.

“Baxter’s Boy” centers a high femme dyke who aches to play with queer boys. It focuses on her desire for Baxter, a gay trans top, the first trans guy who came out as a faggot in her dykey college town. It is about her fantasies of bottoming to him and his boy, sparked by a long term crush and one particular New Year’s Eve kiss. It’s available to read on Tamsin Flowers’ Superotica Advent Calendar 2015.

“The Tender Sweet Young Thing” is organized around a group gender play fantasy scene inspired by a favorite childhood story, where a bunch of tigers muss up and devour a femme trans guy. It takes place within the context of kinky queer fat activist disability community. Many of the characters are trans and genderqueer. You can read it on Sugarbutch.net, where it was posted as part of the blog tour for my collection Show Yourself To Me.

“This Boy” is a flash piece that describes (in detail) the desire of a dominant sadist for a particular boy. You can read it on godeeperpress.com.

“A Wolf’s Yearning”, centers a stone genderqueer diabetic werewolf who is undone by hir yearning for a tough, smart, butch who wants to be hir boy. It’s all about the werewolf’s inner struggle with a new kind of desire for a bottom, one that makes hir a lot more vulnerable than ze has tolerated before. You can read it on xanwest.wordpress.com, as I posted it for free for Valentines Day this year.


If you like what you read and want more:

Until recently, the easiest way to purchase  my erotica was on a story by story basis, as it was published primarily in anthologies. My new collection, Show Yourself To Me, contains my best published work alongside new stories that have not been published before. If you want to find it all in one place, that’s where to go.


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