Links of the Week 10/1/16

I am starting this up again, because I have found so many amazing things recently. Here are some of the great things I have read or listened to this past week, my recommendations to you.

Two links about disability and kink:

This article about disabled people’s experiences in kink community that shares perspectives from Shanna Katz Kattari, Lyric Seal/Neve Be, Grace Duncan, Lady Solaris, & Azura Rose.

“I’ve had the most issues with the rope bondage community. When you tell people in that scene, “I have joint issues,” they’re hesitant about putting their rope on you especially with suspension. They’re worried something’s going to dislocate, and they’re going to drop me and are unsure of how to accommodate for the way that my body is because they often only learn one way of tying people up.”

This audio series on kink and mental health, by GirlyJuice

Two important trans medical articles:

This one about the first study on binding, that contains interviews with trans men & non-binary folks who bind.

“The researchers hope that the study will provide an initial roadmap for change, educating physicians on the benefits and impacts of binding and allowing those who bind to take charge of their health. They scoured peer-reviewed literature and information from health clinics, LGBTQ organizations, and online community resources, coming up with 28 potential health outcomes from binding. 1,800 respondents answered an online survey with questions ranging from how often they bound, what they used to bind their chests with, and their gender identity.”

And this one on the ongoing injectable estrogen shortage.

“The effects of the shortage are still trickling down nationwide, and the availability of injectable estrogen can vary from clinic to clinic. When the preferred 40 milligram dose ran out at Callen-Lorde, the LGBTQ-focused service provider began doubling up on 20 milligram doses. When they depleted their 20 milligram supply, they started quadrupling 10 milligram doses. Due to its lower concentration, this dose requires 40 milliliters of fluid to be injected into the muscle in a single sitting, an experience that Radix described as incredibly ‘uncomfortable’ for the person to whom that muscle belongs.

‘We need the 40 milligram dose,’ they said.”

Four awesome book recommendation lists:

This dissertation on a psychology of unlearning racism by Vanissar Tarakali

This roundtable on sex in YA

“Why a book like Dumplin’ excels in sexual content is that Murphy has made it very clear how that character moves through the world physically. A test I would make when reading is, can you picture the characters’ entire bodies? Or are they just giant intellects on top of a lollipop-stick bodies? The body is such a central part of the adolescent experience—its growth, its betrayal, its tortures when it comes to comparison, its developing talents—that must be included to make a YA story come to life.”

These two podcasts from the Gay Romance Northwest Meet Up:

Trans Authors on Characters, Stories, and Industry

Trans panelists share their perspectives on writing, from character development to tropes to narratives, as well as our experiences working in the queer romance and publishing industry. We’ll talk about how we want to see trans romance evolve and provide resources for authors who want to write trans characters in their fiction. If you have questions about how to portray transness respectfully in your work, or about trans perspectives on the industry, this is the panel for you!

Moderator: Austin Chant, Author (Silver & Gold, Magic & Mayhem)


  • Tobi Hill-Meyer, Author and Filmmaker (Struggling to be Whole: Stories Exploring the Trans Erotic, Doing it Online)
  • Laylah Hunter, Author (Gabriel’s City)
  • EE Ottoman, Author (Documenting Light, Selume Proferre)
  • Alex Powell, Author (Rangers over Regulus, All the King’s Men)
  • J.K. Pendragon, Author (To Summon Nightmares, Witch Cat and Cobb)

Queer Swords & Odd Flowers: Sex Scenes in LGBTQ+ Romance

Be prepared to blush, as we discuss the ins and outs of writing, reading, and publishing sex scenes in LBGTQ+ romance. This open dialogue between writers and readers will tackle the politics and practicalities of writing about sex. Authors will talk about their approach to writing about sex, the power and purpose of sex scenes for LBGTQ+ readers, and the practical fears, inhibitions, and joys of erotic writing. Readers will have a chance to share their sex scene expectations and vent their pet peeves. All genders, orientations, and perspectives are welcome at this serious and irreverent meeting of the minds.

Moderator: Eric Andrews-Katz, Author (The Jesus Injection, Balls and Chain)


  • Isabella, Author (Always Faithful, Executive Disclosure)
  • Karelia Stetz-Waters, Author (Something True, For Good)
  • Lou Sylvre, Author (Loving Luki Vasquez, Delsyn’s Blues)
  • Yolanda Wallace (Murphy’s Law, 24/7)

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