Free Stories and Poetry by Queer, Trans and Non-Binary Authors

One of the things I often turn to in times of great difficulty and despair, especially when searching for hope, is the work of queer, trans, and non-binary authors. So I put together a list of free stories and poems, available online now, to share with you, gathered by theme.

Love and Revolution:

INTIFADA INCANTATION: POEM #8 FOR b.b.L by June Jordan is a love poem that insists that there can be no love without resistance.

Vital Signs, Part XXIII by Essex Hemphill is a poem about queer men being targeted by politicians to get votes.

Loving in the War Years by Cherríe Moraga is a poem about being queer and finding love in a time where queerness is being attacked.

The Book of How to Live by RB Lemberg is a novelette centering two queer marginalized magicless women who work together toward revolution in a world where people with magic hold power.

Straight Jacket by Jamaica Heolimeleikalani Osorio is a poem about her experience of being 19 and claiming queerness in the face of queer oppression, particularly after the 2008 election and the passage of Proposition 8.

How My Best Friend Rania Crashed a Party and Saved the World by Ada Hoffman is a science fiction YA ace story about standing up for yourself and your friends.

Letting Go by Gloria Anzaldúa is a poem about grappling with internalized oppression and pressure to assimilate. It’s read here by Jessica Guerrero.

This Shall Serve as a Demarcation by Bogi Takács is a science fiction story  that centers a service based D/s relationship between two neutrally gendered characters who are working towards revolutionary change.

I Walk In the History of My People by Chrystos is a poem about persistance in the face of colonial oppression.

With Roses in Their Hair by Kayla Bashe is a sci-fantasy romance Tam Lin retelling about love in a time of fighting for revolution, which centers two queer women.

Family and Community

Heroes by Gina DeVries is a non-fiction story about queer and trans youth creating family together.

The Rivers Children by Shweta Narayan is a flash fiction fable about non-binary love, endurance, and family legacies.

Hiddur Mitzvah by S. Bear Bergman is a non-fiction story about creating queer and trans Jewish family

For the White Person Who Wants to Know How To Be My Friend by Pat Parker is a poem about what is needed to create trust given the realities of racism.

To The New World by Ryka Aoki is a short story about honoring family and grappling with racism and transmisogyny in queer community.

Her Sacred Spirit Soars by S. Qiouyi Lu is a science fiction story set in a psychiatric hospital, about finding love amidst oppression.

Earth Crammed With Heaven by Elena Rose is a poem about finding hope in community and friendship

This is Not a Wardrobe Door by A. Merc Rustad is a story about queer and non-binary folks working to fix the portal to Narnia so they can reconnect with people they love.

Confessions of an Uneducated Queer by Lauren Zuniga is a poem about claiming queerness, queer culture and learning about cis privilege in queer community.

When Lovers and Community Break Your Heart

Who Said it Was Simple, by Audre Lorde is a poem about the ways white feminism betrays black queer women.

When A Boy Tells You that He Loves You by Edwin Bodney is a poem about heartbreak.

Rental by Morgan M. Page is a story about transmisogyny and erasure in an intimate relationship between a trans woman and a trans man.

When the Chant Comes by Kay Ulanday Barrett is a poem about cissexism and fat oppression breaking your heart.

Class Differences by Patrick Califia is a poem about the ways class oppression can manifest in intimate relationships.

A Prude’s Manifesto by Cameron Awkward-Rich is a poem about being ace, and the betrayal of sexual pressure in queer communities.

Desire and Recognition

Dear Mr. Sunflower Butch, by Elaina Ellis is a butch/femme love poem about recognition and respect.

Madivenez, by Lenelle Moise is a poem about looking for words that recognize your queerness in your home language.

A Dominant in Lust, Love and Heartbreak by Chanelle Gallant is a series of non-fiction stories about her experiences of queer dominant desire and love.

Seen by Kris Ripper is an erotica story centering a genderqueer character who, reeling from a BDSM scene gone wrong because of cissexism, seeks solace and recognition.

Virgins in Time by Neve Be is a creative non-fiction piece about queer sexuality and reclaiming youth as adult queers.

The Tender Sweet Young Thing by Xan West is my erotica story centering three trans fat disabled queers who get together with their friends to create a group gender play BDSM scene.

Leah Lakshmi Piepzna-Samarasinha performs in Sins Invalid 2009 at Brava Theater in San Francisco. This performance is about honoring desire, environmental racism, abuse, disability, and queer community.

Part 1 of 3.

Leah Lakshmi Piepzna-Samarasinha performs in Sins Invalid 2009 at Brava Theater in San Francisco. Part 2 of 3.

Leah Lakshmi Piepzna-Samarasinha performs in Sins Invalid 2009 at Brava Theater in San Francisco. Part 3 of 3.

Final note: You may find my needed medicine tumblr a comfort in the face of these terrible election results. From the description: “This blog is intended to be medicine. What we need to counter the oppression we face in the world as queer and trans folks. The messages we need to tell us that who we are is important, magnificent, and necessary.”

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