#DailyCoping Strategies Round Up

I began a new project this week. Each day, on twitter, I do a series of tweets describing one of my coping strategies and talking about how it works, what it is esp useful for, where I learned about it. As storify is shutting down, I’m linking directly to the beginning of the threads. If the thread itself links to a storify, it should have the proper link on this page. If you have trouble finding something please feel free to ask. I will keep adding to this as I go.

If you need something that lists a whole bunch of strategies together, might I suggest my Emergency Emotional Safety Plan?

None of these tools are intended to act as pressure. My intention is to offer things to add to your toolbox. You already have many tools & have been surviving a long time with them. I don’t expect that all these strategies would work for everyone, and they definitely don’t work in all situations. You know best about yourself and what you are dealing with. Use what works for you, when it seems like it may work.

With all these strategies, it’s generally not helpful to kick yourself if you didn’t use them. I encourage you to be compassionate towards yourself around practicing coping strategies. To recognize you are doing your best to manage. It may be helpful to consider whether you had a good reason not to use a particular strategy. Often this is the case. If you made it through the experience, I’d say that you are doing pretty damn good.

Special Requests

I take requests for specific situations. So if you would like me to do a thread on something, please do feel free to ask in comments or @TGStoneButch on twitter! Here they are:

Here is a thread I did about how I admit to myself that I need to cope.

A special request thread on non-embodiment strategies for managing panic attacks.

A special request thread on strategies for flashbacks

A special request thread on remembering to eat (esp as a diabetic) during a mental illness flare.

A special request thread on strategies for managing negative self talk.

A thread I did on strategies for managing hypervigilance.

A thread I did on hyperarousal where I explain what it is and also link to strategies.

A thread I did on managing trauma responses related to a particular day, for folks who get triggered around holidays, anniversaries of traumatic events, & other significant dates.

A thread on recognizing dissociation.

A thread on coping with fireworks.

Thread on coping during guided meditation.

A thread about when meditation or breathing exercises make things worse.

Introductory thread on coping with trauma as it is occurring. Threads in this series:

Daily Threads

11/14: Make lists (a mental grounding strategy)

11/15: Create physical boundaries (a soothing strategy)

11/16: Let your body react (a somatic strategy)

11/17: Put it in a box (a visualization strategy)

11/18: Cold water (a physical grounding & distress tolerance strategy)

11/19: Orienting to the present (a mental grounding strategy)

11/20: Rescue remedy (an herbal strategy)

11/21: Gauge and regulator (a visualization strategy)

11/22 Grounding objects (physical grounding strategy)

11/23: Limit exposure (a harm reduction strategy)

11/24: Go to the bathroom (a prevention & management strategy)

11/25: Thinking through a process (a mental grounding strategy)

11/27: Connecting w/the ground (a physical grounding strategy)

11/28: Change the music (a distress tolerance strategy)

11/29: Singing (a soothing strategy)

11/30: Make a plan (a prevention strategy)

12/1: Slow breathing (an embodiment strategy)

12/3: Write it out (an expressive strategy)

12/4: Counting letters (a mental grounding strategy)

12/5: Imagine a safer space (a visualization strategy)

12/6: Pet a furry creature (a soothing strategy)

12/7: Chocolate (a biochemical strategy)

12/8: Dimensions of breath (an embodiment strategy)

12/9: Counting backwards (a mental grounding strategy)

12/11: Managing predicted triggers (a harm reduction strategy)

12/13: Create a trove of soothing pics (a self soothing strategy)

12/14: Art as mirror (a recognition strategy)

1/1: Backup planning (a prevention strategy)

1/19: Treat emergencies like emergencies (a harm reduction strategy)

1/20: Practicing resting (a harm reduction strategy)

1/21: Give it a time limit (a harm reduction strategy)

1/22: Take care of the child (a self soothing strategy for regression)

3/4: Change the taste in your mouth (a sensory strategy)

3/26: Write (or create) something fluffy (a cognitive strategy)

4/24: Flow with the response (an active strategy)

3 thoughts on “#DailyCoping Strategies Round Up

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  2. I just want to say how much I appreciate how you’re including the ‘doesn’t help me with’ sections. So many times stuff gets treated as ‘will totally work for everyone and everything’ and that gets used to pressure people into stuff and also basically has this undercurrent of victim blaming – like if it’s not working it’s because you’re bad/wrong. It’s really powerful to see something so explicitly and strongly going against that.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thank you for this. No tool could possibly work for everyone and everything and it is so frustrating when they are presented in that way. I’m so glad the doesn’t help with sections challenge that framework. I actually discuss this issue in my thread from today. I think I might add it to this post too, to make it really obvious.

      Survivors deal with enough crap without getting pressured into doing things that don’t work and blaming them if the tool doesn’t work. Things also change. Breathing exercises totally used to be helpful for me and now they make my trauma symptoms worse and also often increase my physical pain levels. It’s so frustrating to work with therapists who assume they must work or that I’m being resistant when I say they make things worse.


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