New Story Published on Sugarbutch

I’m thrilled to announce that my cis m/trans m story “A Good Beating” has been published on!

It’s an excerpt from my WIP novel ShockingViolet, and it depicts a cathartic SM scene between long term play partners.

Hunter is a muscled bearded silver fox aroace gay cis leatherman dominant sadist who lives with his queerplatonic partner Xavier and his very pampered cat, Melisande. Once a month he has a play date with Zak, a younger fat demiromantic gray ace queer trans guy submissive masochist, to give him a good beating.

This story depicts kink with no sex, and is told from Zak’s POV. It’s dear to my heart, and I’m very glad it is now out in the world for folks to read. I love being able to link to full stories of mine that are available for free!

Content warnings for the story (highlight to read): consensual kink including pain play, rough body play, boot play, edge play, D/s, playing with rage.

As a general note, I now have a page with content warnings for all of my short stories.

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