How editors and reviewers describe Xan West’s erotica

“I try to choose stories that push my own comfort zones. Xan West’s writing stands out. The words are razor-sharp—all barbed wire and kerosene. The stories ring true.”–Alison Tyler

“Xan West’s work is fierce and absolutely fearless.” Simon Sheppard

Xan West writes it the way most kinky folksdream of living it.” Carol Queen

A roundup of reviews of my solo collection, Show Yourself To Me: Queer Kink Erotica

“rough leathersex served up with a bittersweet tang” – Kathleen Bradean (describing “First Time Since”)

“offering the erotica equivalent of happy ever after” –Lisabet Sarai (describing “Lucky”)

“deliciously defies expectations” –‘Nathan Burgoine (describing “Willing”)

“breathtaking foray into extreme sex”–Paul Russell (describing “Missing Daddy”)

“a particularly potent after dinner mint” –Richard Labonte (describing “Knives”)

“violent and sweet” –Michael Bronski (describing “Willing”)

“this story distills the essence of what Violet Blue is trying to present – the intoxicating notion that the ultimate sexual experience waits for you, just around the corner, in the most unexpected places, with people that you haven’t met but who are destined to fulfill your dreams” –Lisabet Sarai (describing “Please”)

“Using language that shows all too clearly the terrifying loveliness that is vulnerability, Xan delivers characters who willingly choose to go places where others fear to tread and the result is incredibly, satisfyingly filthy and erotic.” –Angel Propps (discussing “Strong”)

“packed with dark edges, blood and violence” –Kathleen Bradean (describing “Willing”)

“This story makes you shiver, makes you aware, makes you feel.” -Carole @ Rainbow Reviews (describing “Knives”)

“so hot I had to go to the bathroom and beat off. It was so well-written. I knew I had to have [Xan West] in one of my books.” –Shane Allison  (describing “Nervous Boy”)

“The caning scene within this story literally made my thighs ache, and not just in sympathy.” –Angel Propps (discussing “Strong”)

“Xan West’s ‘Ready’ is an extraordinary tale of catharsis and redemption that hits you equally in the heart and between the legs.” –Christopher Pierce (describing “Ready”)

“a believable story of pain and reconstruction of a wounded heart”–Josh Rollins (describing “First Time Since”)

“Every time I read it, I marvel anew at the way it explores the emotional dynamic between dominant and submissive.” –Lisabet Sarai (describing “Willing”)

“will surprise you with…underlying notes of trust and tenderness–and even salvation–sounding through the carnal cacaphony.” –Paul Russell(describing “Missing Daddy”)

“West’s piece is a bold BDSM scene that manages to be so full of intense sensations and images, yet vulnerable and loving and comforting at the same time. It’s one that I re-read often.” –peepscoop (describing “What I Need”)

“intense and poignant” –Lisabet Sarai (describing “Ready”)

” precise, graceful, crushingly hot.” –Helena Swann of Cuntext (describing “Strong”)

“It takes a skilled writer to convince me of the reality of a life isn’t at all like mine, and she (he? I don’t even know) (or care) did it; and—trickier still—aroused me while doing so.” –Sharazade, (describing “Lucky”)

“a powerful and passionate account of vampirism and BDSM” –Ashley Lister (describing “Willing”)

“ought to come with a warning for the faint-hearted” –marq, on XX Factor, (describing “Facing the Dark”)

“some of the most boundary breaking erotica I’ve heard in a while” –Kelli Dunham (describing “Strong”)

“If you like your BDSM on the brutal side, you can always count on Xan West to deliver”–Kathleen Bradean (describing “It’s My Job”)

“Xan West, more than anyone I’ve ever read, intrinsically gets what I do at my core, as a femme and as a bottom.” –Helena Swann of Cuntext (describing “Strong”)

“a wonderful take on gender and desire”–Rachel Kramer Bussel (describing “Baxter’s Boy”)

“a stunning swing through gender and what it means to be strong”–Laura Antoniou (describing “Strong”)

“I picked it up initially because Xan West, one of my favorite erotica writers, was in the table of contents, so I knew at least that would be great.” –Sinclair Sexsmith (describing Sugar and Spice, in which “Lucky” is printed)

“Some of the best transgressive erotic fiction to come along in recent years has been authored by Xan West” –Angel Propps

“You can always count on Xan West to bring you a phenomenal story that steps to the side and then trips up your expectations.” –‘Nathan Burgoine (describing “Willing”)

” a voice that I look forward to. I always want to read more.” –Alison Tyler

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