Kink & Showtunes series

Kink & Showtunes is a series of books and stories centering members of a Jewish queer chosen leather family, set in NYC from 2009-2013.

The core pieces of fiction in this series include:

Book 0.5: Tenderness, a short story, originally published in the collection Queerly Loving Volume 2, due out as it’s own ebook March 24, 2020.

  • Set in the summer of 2009.
  • Judith is the POV MC.
  • Focused on the immediate aftermath of Judith getting dumped by Mara. Shiloh is a significant character.
  • Prequel to Their Troublesome Crush, giving significant backstory.

Book 0.75: (WIP) Meet Cutes, a novel

  • Set in the fall of 2009.
  • Three POV MCs: Naomi, Rachel, and Andy.
  • Naomi is part of Gideon’s leather family.
  • Focused on the triad meeting cute and coming together. MCs learn the term queerplatonic partner.

Book 1: Their Troublesome Crush, a novella published April 2019. Finalist for the 2020 National Leather Association Pauline Reage Novel Award!

  • Set in the spring of 2011,
  • Ernest is the POV MC.
  • Focused on the metamour to lovers relationship arc between Ernest and Nora.

Book 2: (WIP) Untitled, a novella

  • Set in the summer of 2011.
  • Judith is the POV MC
  • Focused on workshopping the first act of the musical and the D/s relationship Judith forms with the stage manager

Related books:

  • Eight Kinky Nights
    • Set in December 2019.
    • Jordan and Leah are the POV MCs and the central arc is about their romance.
    • Leah is connected to Gideon’s leather family through her friendship with Shiloh and her play relationship with Ellie.
    • Shiloh, Ellie, Ernest, and Gideon are significant secondary characters
  • Shocking Violet
    • Set in December 2008-January 2009.
    • Five POV MCs: Jax, Violet, Liliana, Rickie, and Zak.
    • The central arcs are about Jax’s and Violet’s polycules coming together and these romance arcs: Jax/Violet, Violet/Liliana, Liliana/Roz, Jax/Rickie, Jax/Zak, Zak/Rickie, Jax/Zak/Rickie.
    • Shiloh and Ernest have significant cameos where they play with Jax and Violet and Jax’s best friend VJ. (Ernest is in a D/s relationship with VJ.)