What Is Stone?

I first wrote this post in March 2014. I made substantial edits to it in January 2016. These edits are primarily intended to clarify the intended meaning of the original post, which had gotten lost because most of the main point was at the end. I changed that mostly by moving the sections of the post […]

Sometimes you have to stop and write something else.

I’m in the middle of working on the novel, but found myself captivated by an idea, and rode it quick and hard to a finish just in time to submit it to one of the dozen erotica calls due yesterday. I’ve been spending some time recently talking kink with another dominant sadist and there is […]

Presenting on emotional armor at Butch Voices in a couple weeks

I am pleased to announce that I will be presenting at the 2013 Butch Voices conference in Oakland California. The conference is from August 15-18th. I will be presenting this workshop, which I am very much looking forward to facilitating: Doing Relationships with Emotional Armor: For Stones and our Partners Stones are often expected to […]

The complexity of tops

The last time I taught at LSM, I wore a t shirt with this image on it. As a way to get started in the class, I asked someone to describe the panels to the room, as it was likely they could not be seen by all. And I talked about the ways that it […]

getting ready

I spent some time with my boots tonight. For the first time in too long. Took my time cleaning them, just cleaning. Wiped off the saddle soap with a shirt I cut off someone I love, the first time we played. This pair of boots is connected deeply to someone else I love. Wrapping myself […]

Kinky erotica from the top’s point of view

Most erotic stories that I’ve read are from the bottom’s POV, or use third person omniscience. The ones from the top’s POV are more rare. That is one of the reasons I’ve written quite a few stories from the Dominant’s POV. This afternoon, I went back and looked at some of these stories, and thought […]