Links of the Week 4/20/16

I’m going to try sharing a short list of links to things I’ve found on the internet that I think are particularly worth reading. Stories and blog posts about the things I often write about here: kink, trauma, writing, polyamory, representation of marginalized folks, oppression, disability, queerness, fat activism, trans and non-binary daily life. I […]

Queer Daddy erotica stories with characters pushing their edges

On twitter, Andrea Zanin, BD Swain, Sinclair Sexsmith, and I have been discussing Daddy erotica and edgeplay, and fantasizing about a queer erotica salon. As part of that conversation, Andrea Zanin discussed wanting queer Daddy erotica that included psychological edgeplay, where characters push their own edges, push past comfort zones, take risks. I’ve been thinking about this […]