An excerpt from Claiming

I thought I would share an excerpt from a story I’m working on that’s tentatively titled “Claiming” about the crush that got away, who just might be back again. It’s a butch/femme story, about two fat queer women, one bisexual, one queer identified, written from the butches point of view. I’ve been thinking a lot these […]

Fat Heroines in M/F Romance

It’s hard to find a good m/f romance centering a fat heroine. Mostly what I find is characters with lots of self-loathing, who diet continuously, cover up immediately after sex, and assume that the hero doesn’t really want them or that a thin woman is going to steal him. Sometimes, if I get lucky, the […]

Resources for Superfat Folks Looking for Medical Imaging

So in the course of my daily life, I have needed to mount a search for imaging (CT scans and MRI) that is accessible for superfat folks. As I found it rather challenging to locate, I thought I would offer resources so other folks could find this kind of thing more easily. I am located […]