Bisexuality and Me: One Trans Experience

(Some notes about content: this post speaks openly about queer and trans oppression and in particular talks about intra-community gender border wars and ciscentrism. It also tells a story about my own experiences of internalized queer oppression as a kid, related to a queer hating therapist. It also references my queer kink erotica without sharing […]

Links of the Week 4/20/16

I’m going to try sharing a short list of links to things I’ve found on the internet that I think are particularly worth reading. Stories and blog posts about the things I often write about here: kink, trauma, writing, polyamory, representation of marginalized folks, oppression, disability, queerness, fat activism, trans and non-binary daily life. I […]

Books By Trans and Non-Binary Authors

It’s World Book Day, so I thought I’d share some recommendations of books by trans and non-binary authors.  Please feel free to share your own recommendations in the comments! Novels Nevada by Imogen Binnie Yemaya’s Daughters by Dane Figueroa Edidi (also try Brew) Stone Butch Blues by Leslie Feinberg He Mele A Hilo by Ryka […]

Blogging at ERWA

I remember my early days as an erotica writer, scouring the ERWA website. I wondered how folks got to a place where they were blogging there. Well, now I’m one of them. Starting this month, I blog on the 15th of the month at the Erotica Readers and Writer’s Association. It’s a great honor. This […]

A Few Things I Wish I’d Known About Sex, Dating, & Kink

A Letter to My Younger Genderqueer Self There are no rules that will actually make sense to you about how to date. It’s ok. You’ll figure out how to date anyway. After all, you can’t understand the rules about gender, and even if you did you wouldn’t fit them, and don’t really want to most […]

Queer and Trans Calls For Submission–Fall 2014

(Updated 10/4/14) These are LGBTQ calls that are not specific to erotica. Erotic content may be welcome. Erotica calls are listed here. Queer and Trans Calls Riptide Publishing is looking for romance submissions on the theme of rainbow families (11/1/14) ConQueer zine is looking for submissions on the theme of Bodies (11/1/14) Vetch seeks work by trans poets in […]

Writing Erotica for Trans Readers, Part 3: Is Something Missing?

This is part 3 of my 3 part series for #OutWriters on Writing Erotica for Trans Readers. Part 1 and Part 2. In part 2, I described how one of the main ways I write erotica for trans readers is by avoiding specific and detailed descriptions of gendered bodies. As these are the norm in […]