Navigating Kink Life as a Disabled Butch: Workshop Materials

I am teaching an interactive discussion-based workshop on Navigating Kink Life as a Disabled Butch at Butch Voices on Friday August 18 at 10:45am in Oakland. In this post, I’m going to share information and resources that I’m including in that workshop. Here is the description: If you are a kinky disabled butch, or you do […]

What I Love About Pinching

I was lucky enough to find some old fashioned wooden clothespins that matched the colors on my boyfriend’s Easter basket. Those 50 clothespins are now attached to the basket, on display. Waiting for the right moment. I love pinching. Big thuddy pinches that grab large portions of skin. Tiny biting pinches that grab small bits […]

Aftercare: In Kink and Erotica

I’ve been sick lately, but not just with migraines (which have me avoiding screens and all light and sound), so I have finally been able to break in my new (free!) TV, and DVD player ($16!) with a double feature: Pride and Prejudice (1940 version) and Bride and Prejudice (2004 Bollywood-style musical parody by Gurinder […]

Teaching “Stone Sex and Kink” at the Lesbian Sex Mafia in NYC on 1/18 at 8pm

I will be teaching one last class in NYC before I move to California, and it is on a subject that I am passionate about, that hits so close to home for me: stone identity and sexuality. The Lesbian Sex Mafia is an organization that I care deeply about, and feels like the perfect place […]