Free Stories and Poetry by Queer, Trans and Non-Binary Authors

One of the things I often turn to in times of great difficulty and despair, especially when searching for hope, is the work of queer, trans, and non-binary authors. So I put together a list of free stories and poems, available online now, to share with you, gathered by theme. Love and Revolution: INTIFADA INCANTATION: […]

Links of the Week 4/27/16

I’m trying out sharing a short list of links to things I’ve found on the internet that I think are particularly worth reading, about the things I often write about here: kink, trauma, writing, polyamory, representation of marginalized folks, oppression, disability, sexuality, queerness, fat activism, trans and non-binary daily life. Queenie on grey areas of […]

The Queer and Trans Love Stories I Need

(Some notes about content: this post speaks openly about queer and trans oppression and the ways those things are embedded in queer and trans representations in fiction, which includes multiple brief references to violence, murder, suicide, self loathing, and the death and tragedy of queer characters. It also tells a fairly detailed story about my […]

Best Lesbian Erotica Release Party & Reading December 12 in SF

I am thrilled to be included in yet another volume of Best Lesbian Erotica, the erotica series that helped to shape my eroticism and erotica writing. The 2014 edition of this much beloved erotica series, edited by Sarah Schulman and Kathleen Warnock, will be released on December 10th, and is available for pre-order now. The […]

My Two Favorite Love Poems of All Time

Loving In The War Years by Cherrie Moraga Loving you is like living in the war years I do think of Bogart & Bergman not clear who’s who but still singin a long smoky mood into the piano bar drinks straight up the last bottle in the house while bombs split outside, a broken world. […]

getting ready

I spent some time with my boots tonight. For the first time in too long. Took my time cleaning them, just cleaning. Wiped off the saddle soap with a shirt I cut off someone I love, the first time we played. This pair of boots is connected deeply to someone else I love. Wrapping myself […]