Ask the Author: A Sex Question

I got a question from someone who was reading my queer kink erotica collection, Show Yourself to Me. Since this is a rather common thing that I get asked about, I thought I’d post the question and my answer here. (As a heads up, this post openly discusses a Daddy/boy relationship, blood sports, sex, barebacking […]

The Making of Nervous Boy

It all started with a Craigslist post. Back at the time when Craigslist was one of the best places in the Bay to pick up other queers for casual sex and kink. When I was still a newish top, on my semi-annual visits to San Francisco, I would skim the ads in internet cafes looking […]

Aftercare: In Kink and Erotica

I’ve been sick lately, but not just with migraines (which have me avoiding screens and all light and sound), so I have finally been able to break in my new (free!) TV, and DVD player ($16!) with a double feature: Pride and Prejudice (1940 version) and Bride and Prejudice (2004 Bollywood-style musical parody by Gurinder […]

Erotica Featuring Group Sex

Group sex is one of the things I come back to again and again as an erotica writer and reader.   First, I wanted to share a few of my favorite group sex moments in erotica as a reader. These are group sex scenes that I read early in my coming into consciousness about being […]

Working with Alison Tyler

The galleys for Never Say Never arrived this week and I got to see excerpts from my work in Alison Tyler’s upcoming book, used to illustrate some of the many tips and tricks this book offers for lovers. My stories that are excerpted in this book: “Compersion”, first printed in  I Like To Watch “Strong”, first printed […]