Safewords in Kink Life and in Kink Fiction

As a heads up, this post will discuss consent in BDSM at length and with nuance, and will reference an abusive BDSM relationship briefly, without giving details. A few words about safewords Some kinky folks absolutely believe that safewords are necessary across the board for everyone. Some believe that it might be different with experienced […]

Negotiating D/s relationships

I love writing moments of negotiation. To be fair, I love doing negotiation; I generally find it really hot. I know that’s not everyone’s experience. I also love teaching negotiation, and have a couple classes that I teach on relationship negotiation, one more focused on initial negotiation and one focused on re-negotiation within polyamory. I’m […]

The Backstory Behind My Story in Backdraft

This month, Cleis Press is running an ebooks sale, with a wonderful list of titles you can get under 2 bucks. What an awesome deal. Among them is Backdraft: Firemen Erotica, a gay erotica collection edited by Shane Allison in which my story “Facing the Dark” appears. Now is your chance to get this book […]