Last couple days of a big sale

Ebook Deals and Steals from Cleis Press—All $1.99. These three include my work: Best Women’s Erotica 2009 edited by Violet Blue Best Gay Erotica 2009 edited by Richard Labonté Got a Minute? edited by Alison Tyler At $1.99 it’s worth grabbing at least one of those, hmm? If you choose Got a Minute? you get two of my […]

Desiring Faggotry

“Baxter’s Boy”, my story printed in the new anthology, The Big Book of Orgasms, was a long time coming. I’ve written elsewhere about how this piece is connected to my development as a smut writer, and is set in a very specific moment in my dykey college town, when trans men were coming out in […]

Got A Minute?

One of the first kinky stories I ever finished was one I wrote for my first top, who had asked me to write out a fantasy after our first scene. I was full of fantasies, and this one burst out of me, while my neck was still throbbing from his teeth, in a tiny borrowed […]

Win a free copy of Best Gay Erotica 2013

From Mar 1-22, 2013, The Erie Gay News has a contest going where you can win a free copy of Best Gay Erotica 2013. BGE2013 features my story, “Missing Daddy”, which was originally printed in the anthology, Daddies. The guest editor this year, Paul Russell, describes my story as a “breathtaking foray into extreme sex”. […]