On being careful what we call fluff

Note: while this discusses a particular book, it is not a review. It’s an essay talking about the way we frame books like this, discuss them, rec them, promote them, and especially, review them. (As a heads up, this post contains discussions and examples of bullying, sexual harassment, outing, and sexual violence. It also discusses […]

One (rather personal) trans response to Noteworthy

Note: This is a personal response, not a review. It’s focused on my personal reactions to this book, and attempts to put them in context. It’s about how the book made me feel, instead of my evaluation of the quality of the book. If I post a review, I will link it at the bottom […]

The Queer and Trans Love Stories I Need

(Some notes about content: this post speaks openly about queer and trans oppression and the ways those things are embedded in queer and trans representations in fiction, which includes multiple brief references to violence, murder, suicide, self loathing, and the death and tragedy of queer characters. It also tells a fairly detailed story about my […]