Nine of Swords, Reversed!

(As a heads up, this post discusses kink and in particular D/s at length, and also discusses representation of non-sexual kink in kink lit.) My novelette, Nine of Swords, Reversed, releases today. This is my first self-published book, my first published romance, and I am thrilled beyond measure to share this story, which is very […]

The Alchemy of D/s

This post is part of the blog tour for Best Lesbian Erotica of the Year Volume 3! (As a heads up, this post discusses D/s dynamics at length and detail, with particular focus on service-based submission. It briefly references pain play.) I have very fond memories of my first experience with service-based submission. There was […]

Xan Reads Smut: A recording of “Willing”

For the next three months, I will be posting audio recordings from the book, one per month. Here is October’s recording of A Large Full Meal. This month, you can listen to me read an abridged version of “Willing”, my most romantic story, centering a vampire taking a risk on a boy he might claim […]