Links of the Week 10/1/16

I am starting this up again, because I have found so many amazing things recently. Here are some of the great things I have read or listened to this past week, my recommendations to you. Two links about disability and kink: This article about disabled people’s experiences in kink community that shares perspectives from Shanna Katz Kattari, […]

Links of the Week 5/4/16

So I’m enjoying sharing links to awesome things I’ve found,  discussing the things I often write about here: kink, trauma, writing, polyamory, representation of marginalized folks, oppression, sexuality, disability, queerness, fat activism, erotica, trans and non-binary daily life. Here are the ones I found this past week. Neve Be’s beautiful piece, “Virgins in Time” on time […]

A Few Things I Wish I’d Known About Sex, Dating, & Kink

A Letter to My Younger Genderqueer Self There are no rules that will actually make sense to you about how to date. It’s ok. You’ll figure out how to date anyway. After all, you can’t understand the rules about gender, and even if you did you wouldn’t fit them, and don’t really want to most […]

fred and ginger

Stone Dynamics: Where Pleasure Resides

“stone for all her life/and cool like marble, rough/edged and veined and off limits/to fingers wanting to dance/across her surface.  the pleasure/was in giving, in lying/ above a woman and/hearing that woman call/her name, loud and long./the pleasure was in taking/care and taking time/and exploring the soft, wet places/at the end of a long/day.  The […]


What Is Stone?

I first wrote this post in March 2014. I made substantial edits to it in January 2016. These edits are primarily intended to clarify the intended meaning of the original post, which had gotten lost because most of the main point was at the end. I changed that mostly by moving the sections of the post […]