A Roundup of Things I’ve Written About Trauma and Abuse

So I thought I might do a roundup page of links to stuff I have written about trauma and abuse, especially since more people may be coming to my website looking for that content. A bit of background: I am a survivor of multiple different kinds of abuse and trauma. I have complex PTSD as […]

On #WorldMentalHealthDay, talking about stigma and internalized ableism

I had a conversation with my (fairly new) therapist recently. I was talking about a situation that had triggered my internalized ableism around my mental health in particular. I used the words internalized ableism. She was confused. Said she understood what internalized ableism is, but didn’t get how it applied in the situation. Turns out […]

Noticing Oppressive Ways of Thinking

I have spent much of my life working to unpack and address the legacies of abusive power, colonization, and oppression that I have internalized. It is life-long work. Work I find essential to being the person I want to be and doing the work I need to do in the world. Work that helps me […]