Editing to Include Top Vulnerability

As a heads up, this blog post describes editing a story that includes edge play, intense D/s, psychological sadism, pain play, humiliation and objectification, and play with misogyny and whorephobia. It contains excerpts from the story that include misogynist and whorephobic slurs. The title of the story also contains a slur. The excerpts are marked […]

Links of the week 6/1/16

Here are some of the awesome things I have read this past week, my recommendations to you. This advice column by Rachel on Autostraddle feels like it explains something critically important about trauma and ways we go along with other people’s realities. It’s focused on biphobia in an intimate relationship, and it feels like it […]

Links of the week 5/18/16

Here are some of the brilliant things I have read this past week, my recommendations to you. This interview with Esmé Weijun Wang totally blew me away. So much in there about language, interracial relationships, mental illness. Really worth a read. “I chose to use English as well as Chinese in two ways: Chinese characters […]

On Writing Disability In Erotica   

“the world needs more erotica that consciously depicts the beautiful diversity of bodies and identities” I am honored that She Bop, a fabulous feminist sex shop in Portland, recently posted about my writing, with a focus on writing disability in erotica. It makes my heart sing to know that there are sex shops like this who […]

Ways Trauma Survivors Manage Triggers: Info for Writers

This is the third post in my series focused on writing characters who are trauma survivors, a series written especially for erotica, erotic romance, and romance writers. I recommend you check out the first post, in which I define trauma and talk about why you might want to write it realistically, and the second post, […]

Erotica Calls-Summer 2015

(Updated 6/17/15) Note: this list is not intended to be comprehensive. It leans toward short fiction calls, and makes special effort to include queer erotica and erotic romance calls. R. Jackson (Lethe Press) seeks big-boned men’s erotica (7/1/15) Insatiable Press is looking for erotic stories about new experiences (7/6/15) Ylva Publishing is looking for lesbian […]

Writing Characters Who Are Trauma Survivors: A Blog Series

My blog series, Writing Characters Who Are Trauma Survivors, contains writing advice for folks who write erotica and erotic romance and who want to include realistic depictions of trauma in their stories. As I add posts, I will include a short summary of what they contain. If there is just a title, it is a post […]