Why I Care About Depicting Survivors of Abusive BDSM Continuing to Do Kink

As a heads up, this post discusses abusive BDSM relationships, intimate partner violence, and sexual assault. It also discusses ableism and stigma around mental illness in kink communities, anti-kink prejudice in survivor spaces and therapeutic treatment, and kink community responses to abuse. It includes a brief reference to an abusive therapist. It includes a brief […]

Editing to Include Top Vulnerability

As a heads up, this blog post describes editing a story that includes edge play, intense D/s, psychological sadism, pain play, humiliation and objectification, and play with misogyny and whorephobia. It contains excerpts from the story that include misogynist and whorephobic slurs. The title of the story also contains a slur. The excerpts are marked […]

On Writing Daddy Porn

(Heads up about content: as is likely clear from the title, this post is about writing Daddy porn, and thus describes and gives specific details about different sorts of Daddy play, including references to ageplay, Daddy play with trauma survivors, and consensual non-consent.) I write Daddy porn. In fact, a good portion of my published […]

On the trouble that can come from writing to meet our own needs

This is a rather long post, both personal and political, that engages with my own erotic writing and gives a concrete example from my own work of the trouble that can come from writing to meet our own needs (something I have done quite a lot), and how I’ve attempted to address that trouble. I […]