Works in Progress

A list of my works in progress, by category:

Novels, Novellas, and Novelettes:

  • Shocking Violet (#ShockingViolet): The current novel project I am concentrating on is a kinky queer polyamorous erotic romance that centers five disabled characters. It begins when Jax and Violet meet and connect, as Jews, as fat activists, as disabled queers possibly interested in exploring D/s together, and as trans inclusion activists. It is looking like it may become a series; that part is in development. Currently, you can read a synopsis and find links to excerpts and the Pinterest page here.
  • Jonah’s book: This is a novel about trauma, desire, music, gender, disability and ghosts. It centers an autistic physically disabled kinky queer fat genderqueer character named Jonah, who loves musicals, has survived awful shit, and is having a very hard year. It doesn’t have a real title yet, so right now I call it Jonah’s book. I posted an excerpt here.
  • Meet Cutes (#MeetCutes): This is a kinky queer polyamorous romance novel centering a stone butch queer cis woman, a queer femme cis woman, and a genderqueer butch. All three characters are fat, disabled, and Jewish. It takes place in the same timeframe as Shocking Violet, and there are small crossovers. It’s in the same series as Their Troublesome Crush; one of the MCs is part of the same queer chosen family as the characters in that book. I posted chapter 1, and I am sharing snippets in this Twitter thread.
  • Beauty and the Beast retelling: This is a kinky queer polyamorous romance novel, a contemporary retelling of Beauty and the Beast in which the Beast is a sadist working through internalized issues around sadism and Beauty is a survivor seeking a safe space to recover from recent trauma. Beauty rents a room in the Beast’s home in exchange for organizing the household library and queer activist archive.
  • A Week With Wolf (#AWeekWithWolf): A kinky queer polyamorous romance with an autistic fat Jewish genderqueer submissive MC, Asher. Ze had originally planned to atttend a weeklong D/s retreat with zir dominant, but due to a last minute emergency (zir dominant’s husband goes into labor early), ze now is attending the retreat with someone else. Zir dominant has entrusted zir into the care of Zev, an autistic fat Jewish gray ace genderfluid dominant. They are sharing a room with only one bed, and will be attending the retreat as a D/s pair. This story is playing with forced proximity and only one bed tropes in the heightened context of D/s, with characters who have a range of access needs that make those things complex to navigate.
  • Mystery Project (#fcked): a friends to lovers romance with a Jewish autistic fat non-binary femme survivor dominant MC and an autistic disabled fat demi trans man service top love interest who have been buddies for years while still keeping a certain amount of distance…until the bet. Explores issues around self-destructive behavior, trauma, and rescue, and the ways they intersect with gender and D/s.

Short Stories:

  • “Inevitable” is a story set at Carter Hall, the accessible dungeon I first dreamed up in my retelling of the Tam Lin faerie tale. (You can read an excerpt from this story here.) It brings back several characters from that story, though the two who are most central are Leroy and Val, a cis dyke-fag couple who head up the leather family that runs Carter Hall. It follows in that story’s footsteps, in centering disabled and sick characters. It is told from the point of view of Micah, a fat non-binary boi who is at Carter Hall for an event with one main rule: that everyone is silent. Hy has had a crush on Leroy and Val for a long time, and this event just might be hys chance to play with them.
  • “Solitaire” is another story set at Carter Hall, that is told from the point of view of Gray, an ace autistic stone novice dominant who loves playing solitaire. She finally talks to her longtime crush, Wendy, at game night. This story centers kink, particularly D/s, and does not include sex.
  • I am in the process of writing a series of stories set at Carter Hall, and intend to gather them into a collection titled Tales from Carter Hall. You can read a free story set at Carter Hall here.
  • “Packing”, which I discuss the opening to and share an excerpt of in this blog post about writing disabled tops.  It centers a long term butch/femme couple.
  • “Claiming” (excerpt) a story about a stone butch top and her early crush on a fat femme submissive when she was first coming out, and how she meets her again, years later.

Non Fiction:

  • A book that combines memoir and personal essay about topping and dominance, and draws from my blog posts about topping.
  • A collection of personal essays about stone sexuality and identity, and draws from my stone blog series.
  • A book about BDSM for trauma survivors.

Future Editing Projects I Want to Do:

  • A collection of erotica stories that center kink, and do not include sex. This is the editing project that I am most excited about at the moment.
  • A collection of personal essays about stone identity and sexuality, down the road, as a companion to my book of personal essays about stone.