Review of Big Book Of Orgasms praises my story

Lisabet Sarai just reviewed The Big Book Of Orgasms, a collection that includes my story “Baxter’s Boy”, which was a long time coming and is drawn from my longtime desire for faggotry.

Lisabet is an opinion I respect in the erotica world, and I am lucky that she has positively reviewed a couple of my stories. (She described my story “Ready” as “intense and poignant”, and characterized my story “Please” in this way:  “this story distills the essence of what Violet Blue is trying to present – the intoxicating notion that the ultimate sexual experience waits for you, just around the corner, in the most unexpected places, with people that you haven’t met but who are destined to fulfill your dreams.”)

She has this to say about “Baxter’s Boy”:

“I’ve already confessed that I find the mind more arousing than the body. Hence, I loved Xan West’s tale  “Baxter’s Boy.” The narrator, a high femme lesbian, is obsessed by Baxter, a legendary FTM transsexual interested only in males. Her extreme encounter with Baxter and his submissive boy takes place entirely in her imagination, but that does not render the effect any less real.”

You can get a copy of The Big Book of Orgasms on kindle for 9.99. And the new audible version is going to be out soon!

Here is a taste of “Baxter’s Boy”. (As a heads up, in contains descriptions of solo sex, pain play, and orgasm control)

I went home that night with Robert and Baxter in my head, a fresh set of cane marks on my thighs. I lay in bed playing with the marks, taking off my combat boots and grinding the soles into them. I imagined Robert’s eyes watching me, Baxter’s boots on my sore thighs. I wanted them both so much. Wanted them inside my head, filling up all my holes, giving me pain. Wanted to be between them, a conduit for their pleasure in each other. I got so turned on thinking about it my whole body felt electric.

I pulled out what I needed to sink deeper into it, let myself feel it. First, the plug. I lubed it up, and slowly sank onto it. I arched my head back as I imagined Robert under me, the familiar ache as it entered my ass, the twisting feel of it reaching up into my stomach. It belonged there. I belonged on his cock, his hands gripping my sore thighs, holding me right there. I trembled. It felt so good to hold myself right there, aching, full of him.

I pulled out my clovers, imagining Baxter placing the clamps on my nipples, holding me with his gaze. I gasped as he put them on, trembling more intensely. I wanted to cry, in that way that makes me come. No wait, not yet. He said you couldn’t come until he was inside you. You need to wait so he can feel you come around his cock. 


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