Stone Blog Series

I have been plotting a book on stone for several years, but that’s not the book I need to write right now. There are three long works ahead of it my personal queue (the novel, a retelling of the story of Janet and Tamlin that will likely become a novella if not a full length novel, and a collection of personal essays I want to edit).

It’s been over a year since I taught my stone sexuality class, and I’m not currently booked to teach it any time soon. After yet another request for resources, I realized that I want to make my thoughts and perspective on stone more widely available for folks to access outside of my classes, especially since the book is a ways off. So, I’ve decided to do a series of blog posts on stone sexuality.

Right now, these are in the works. (As they go live, I will put the links on this page.)

  1. What is Stone?
  2. Stone Dynamics: Where Pleasure Resides
  3. Unpacking Assumptions About Sex and Stoneness
  4. Letting Your Body Love What It Loves
  5. Where Stone Meets Kink
  6. Meeting Partners Where They Are
  7. Stones Pushing Our Edges
  8. Writing Smut from a Stone Place

This is intended to be a resource for stone folks, people who partner with stone folks, and people that are wondering if they might be stone or might have a stone partner, of all genders. If that does not describe you, tread carefully and think before you comment.

ETA: I have recently written something that may be of interest to folks following the series: a stone response to the novel Untouched, which centers a character with substantial boundaries around being touched. In addition, this blog post discusses how cissexism feels really personal to me, particularly related to being stone. This letter to my younger genderqueer self about sex, kink & dating also talks about stone.

Eight Kinky Nights final cover

My kinky polyamorous Chanukah friends to lovers romance novel, Eight Kinky Nights, centers a relationship between an older queer stone butch cis woman and an older queer femme cis woman.

Also, my kinky queer poly romance novel, Shocking Violet, centers a trans stone butch character, and may be of interest as well. I’ve posted a number of excerpts, and will continue to do so.

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    • enjoyed reading these. I am also in the process of reading A Stone’s Throw: Inside the Stonefemme and Stonebutch Life by Victoria Darling. It is a very interesting read. I have learned quite a bit from both of you so far. Can’t wait to read the rest of the series.


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