Got A Minute?

One of the first kinky stories I ever finished was one I wrote for my first top, who had asked me to write out a fantasy after our first scene. I was full of fantasies, and this one burst out of me, while my neck was still throbbing from his teeth, in a tiny borrowed bedroom in Berkeley.

Before I had my first scene, I wrote out a fantasy for someone that I was corresponding with online, who I hoped might be my first top. That fantasy became “The Test”, laying out a hurdle I might jump before she would agree to play with me, a novice. It was partly inspired by the huge bathroom stall at Rebel Girl in San Francisco back in the late 90s, with the big metal door. When I saw that bathroom, I dreamed of sucking cock in it.

These stories were among the first I finished (though there was an epic one I began before them and have yet to finish), and they were written around the same time, very early in my kink life, when I was focused on submission, and was deeply gender fluid. One is written from a femme’s POV (“The Test”) (though you can see from a review below that femme gender did not come through clearly for the reader), and one from a boy’s (Alley Obsession), because I was both, then.

Early discussions of publishing “Alley Obsession” included a request to lengthen the piece from a short to a full length story. I did that, having the Daddy take the boy to the park to get gangbanged. The longer version did not get printed. So, I decided to write it a different beginning, one that also honored the rare and precious connection with that first top I wrote the original for. Thus, “Missing Daddy” was born, and it ended up with a different feel, less rush of new connection, more bittersweet nostalgia.

These two stories are among the first two I had published (a later one preceded them by a bit), and they both are centered around cocksucking in public places (something that is a frequent occurrence in my work, as it’s one of my favorite things). They are some of my earliest work, as I was still finding my feet as a kinky person and as an erotica writer, and are sweet to me particularly because they are filled with the urgency, hope and intense desire of a novice.

For only two more days, Got a Minute, which includes both of these stories and was edited by the brilliant Alison Tyler, is on sale for the unbelievably low price of $3.99. That’s seven cents a story!

Here are a few things people have to say about this collection of 60 second erotica:

I have two stories printed in this anthology: “The Test” and “Alley Obsession”. Here are a few things reviewers have said about my stories in particular:

If you want a taste, a few of the stories in the anthology have podcast readings by Honey Birdette, including my story, “The Test”.

Here is a taste of “Alley Obsession”. This excerpt includes references to the dangers of queer public sex, D/s dynamic–Daddy/boy in particular, and descriptions of public sex.

I take you to the alley. I know exactly where I want to go. It is dark, but the streetlight isn’t so far away that we wouldn’t be able to see danger coming. The danger is part of the point. I’ve heard so many stories about fag public sex, and danger is one of the key elements that makes it hot for me. It’s not just the public part. That could be at a bar or a dungeon, but fag+public sex=danger=desire for me. Because getting caught it at a whole other level. If a straight couple gets caught fucking in a public park, it’s more likely to be by random passers by, and if it’s cops, they may be lenient or look the other way. But fags could be in real danger. From cops, from bashers. It’s that danger that kicks it up another notch for me, gets my cock hard.

That’s why I chose this alley. Fag friends have cruised by with me, shown me where to go, described protocol. Told me story after story about being on their knees, or getting sucked off, or (if it’s especially late and fairly empty) bending over against the dumpster and getting fucked until they are so weak they can barely make it home.

It’s like you know the same stories. You’re standing there against the wall, strategically placed to watch for danger. You’re a cocksucker’s dream, every inch the leather Daddy of my fantasies. At first you pretend you don’t even see me, as my eyes devour you in your leathers, big butch bear, built just how I like my Daddies to be. You take up space, owning it, top to the core as you survey the drooling cocksuckers before you. I am entranced by the sight of your cock in your pants, run my eyes along it hungrily. I am aching to be chosen to service you in any way that you please.

You look into my eyes, hand on belt, stroking your cock through your leathers. Your other hand slowly reaches over and your thumb brushes against my lower lip. You raise one eyebrow at me as your hand presses firmly on the top of my head. No words are needed. I am instantly on my knees looking up at you before I can even think about it. You lace your fingers together behind your head, bend your knees slightly, and settle in comfortably, waiting for me to service your cock.

I have great affection for this story, and hope this inspires you to seek it out in it’s entirety.

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