The Backstory Behind My Story in Backdraft

This month, Cleis Press is running an ebooks sale, with a wonderful list of titles you can get under 2 bucks. What an awesome deal. Among them is Backdraft: Firemen Erotica, a gay erotica collection edited by Shane Allison in which my story “Facing the Dark” appears. Now is your chance to get this book […]

Best Lesbian Erotica Release Party & Reading December 12 in SF

I am thrilled to be included in yet another volume of Best Lesbian Erotica, the erotica series that helped to shape my eroticism and erotica writing. The 2014 edition of this much beloved erotica series, edited by Sarah Schulman and Kathleen Warnock, will be released on December 10th, and is available for pre-order now. The […]

Yet another sale that includes my work

Cleis Press is doing an ebook sale, and two books that contain my erotica are on sale for $1.99 in ebook form, on Amazon: I Like to Watch: Gay Erotic Stories edited by Christopher Pierce- $1.99 I Like to Watch is a collection of voyeuristic gay smut. It contains “Compersion”, a sweet sadistic ride from the […]

How much realism *should* be part of BDSM erotica?

A few years ago, I was reading my work at a BDSM themed erotica event. I chose to read a story about two trans guys because there were no other queer stories being read (in fact one of the stories that was read had some rather intense homophobia in it), and I wanted to have […]

Queer Daddy erotica stories with characters pushing their edges

On twitter, Andrea Zanin, BD Swain, Sinclair Sexsmith, and I have been discussing Daddy erotica and edgeplay, and fantasizing about a queer erotica salon. As part of that conversation, Andrea Zanin discussed wanting queer Daddy erotica that included psychological edgeplay, where characters push their own edges, push past comfort zones, take risks. I’ve been thinking about this […]

Kinky erotica from the top’s point of view

Most erotic stories that I’ve read are from the bottom’s POV, or use third person omniscience. The ones from the top’s POV are more rare. That is one of the reasons I’ve written quite a few stories from the Dominant’s POV. This afternoon, I went back and looked at some of these stories, and thought […]